Useful links and resources for those who are interested in crypto-currency income

19 Dec
Useful links and resources for those who are interested in crypto-currency income

Please find below some useful links and resources, if you are interested in generating passive income via crypto-currency.

These are resources that I know, are currently functional. However, I give no personal guarantee for any of these products or services listed below. I advise you to do your own research about them before committing to any of them.

I am unable to give financial or investment advice through this platform. However, I have a personal one-to-one course where I teach you in person, how to get set up for crypto-currency; how to buy, sell from Coinbase and how to securely store your crypto-currency assets. It costs £500. You can email me if you are interested. Obviously only UK residents can participate since it is done in person.

Use this link/image below to learn about what BitCoin is. This website will teach you what BitCoin is, what a wallet is, etc


Use this link/image below to join Coinbase, the most reputable Cryptocurrency exchange in the world. You need to be on this exchange in order to buy and/or sell back the 3 major crypto currencies; BitCoin, LiteCoin and Ethereum. Signing up with this exchange is your number one step into the world of crypto currency, as they are able to receive your fiat currency in exchange for crypto-currency.


Click on the link/image below to order for a hardware wallet that you can use to securely store your crypto currencies. For it’s price, it is an absolute bargain as it is un-hackable from the internet. This is a must-have if you want to secure your crypto currency assets.

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet


Click on the image/link below to invest in a crypto currency called BitConnect. You receive daily payouts from their trading activities and also get your capital back at the expiration of the term of your investment. They have been around for quite a while now and there isn’t any complaint I am aware of, about them reneging on their payout contract. They seem to have a very huge following in the crypto currency industry. You will find a table detailing this information on their website. It also has a 5% affiliate bonus, which means you get 5% of whatever your recruit invests.


Click on the link/image below, if you are interested in crypto-currency mining. This is a very volatile and risky but highly rewarding crypto mining program where you buy hashing power from a mining company, called Hashflare, based in Estonia. For now, the SHA256 option is the most profitable option. That is the option that mines BitCoins. You sign a one-year contract with them and you typically break even within 3 months because of the rising price of BitCoin which then means you earn profits for the remaining 9 months. The element of risk is due to the rising mathematical difficulty of BitCoin mining as we approach the 21million coin target for BitCoin. Hashflare also has a 10% referral bonus for your new recruits which you can also re-invest. All the payouts are done by Hashflare in BitCoin.


Click on the link/image below, if you want to invest in a company called USI-Tech. You invest BitCoin by buying what they call packages, typically about £45-50 and they make daily payouts to you in BitCoins for 140 days. You end up with anything between 110% and 140% of your original investment. On this one, you don’t get your capital back separately.

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