Our Miracle from God – YouTube Videos



Please watch this playlist to hear our journey to a miracle called Iyanuloluwa, our daughter born after 9 years of marriage. This is the moment I waited 9 years to see. Could only just cry when it happened. I return all the glory to God for giving me the privilege of seeing this day. Kudos to you (Moni) who cheated and despised death to birth this unforgetable moment. Was a long journey but God gave us the grace. Love you Moni. Iyanuloluwa, you have come into my life as a breath of fresh air to show me that God knew what to do when I was surrounded by utter darkness and rejection. This playlist is being published to encourage anyone about to give up. I did give up several times but picked up again as many times till light came through from heaven. Let the memory of this baby cry inscribe the indelible message on your heart that God never fails and never turns up late.


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    April 12, 2017 at 8:56 pm



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