Testimonies from Breaking #SoulTies

22 Apr

Here are a few testimonies from people who were blessed by the truths in this book when they were first shared on social media. You can click on the image above to download your copy.

“Fresh out of a 5-year old relationship that hit the rocks, I was tired of crying myself to sleep every night so I decided to Google *ways to get over an ex* then somehow I stumbled on breaking soul ties blog that changed my life forever. I became an ardent reader of the blog, downloaded d podcasts. In all of this, I learnt what my expectations from my partner should be; I learnt the compromises I shouldn’t make. I learnt the power in confessing the word of God, which meant I had to study the Bible to know what it says. In all my contact with breaking soul ties did not just help me get over my ex, it has also helped me become a better person and I have realised I cannot afford to settle for any bozo.”

“I was addicted to holding on to relationships that were long dead. For a long time, I demanded an apology before I would let go or forgive. Bitterness and un-forgiveness was the order until I came across an audio podcast retweeted by a friend. The title was ‘don’t fingerprint my soul’. That message was all the revelation I needed, there were fingerprints on my soul. Prints of people I had shared myself with and been abused by. So I searched for the source and read about soul ties. I started listening to all the audio podcasts and reading blogposts as well as tweet casts. With understanding, I got healed and delivered. More than that, phone conversations of hope from the author Sola Adio walked me through the journey. Today, I can confidently say that I am free. I am happy. I have a peace beyond man’s understanding and my soul has no negative ties! Praise God.”

“Thanks to @solaadio via his Soulties platform, which he used to discern I was having emotional issues with an elderly folk. Sometimes, he mediated in the whole rancour, but with his regular messages and checking on me, also listening to me, he is a shoulder I can cry on, I prayed my way out of what could have taken me a whole year if not more than that to let go of, I lived past it in weeks. God Bless You Mightily, Uncle Sola”

“You have been a blessing to me over these few months that I have followed you on Twitter. Keep helping break the chains and free minds. Stay blessed.”

“Hi @solaadio, you don’t know this though. You have really taught me more than you think you will ever do to anyone here. Thanks.”

“What I learn each day from reading through your twitter timeline is immeasurable. Reality and hard truth.”

“You know I’m ever grateful to God for using you to pull me away from the path of destruction.”

“Anyway, some of your advice I find people have difficulties believing they are possible. Like finding a man who is godly enough not to demand sex. You see, I have realised that one just needs to position herself properly in the mind to even meet such men. The Bible says as a man thinketh… yesterday I realised I had like three male friends who usually have problems with their relationships because the girls always want sex and they don’t want. So yeah, those men really do exist. They exist!. If as a girl you believe it’s impossible to meet such men, then you won’t. It’s as simple and basic as that. You can’t be praying and your faith is saying otherwise. You won’t get results. And the mind has to strongly believe those men exist. It is very very funny that I never even knew this people before. Why is it that it was after I got delivered and changed my mindset, that I met these people. Why did they come my way only after I had changed my thinking and focused on the desire to meet such a person? I am now in a serious relationship with a God-fearing person who does not believe in fornication.”

“What you are doing on Twitter is a warfare, bringing down strongholds and casting down imaginations. Your language and strategies are not mainstream or conventional. They are however effective and impactful. My life has been seriously purged by those spirit inspired tweets. It is not a tea party. The enemy will fight you through folks. Many of us don’t retweet or favourite your tweets but you have a powerful ministry that you are fulfilling in a unique way.”

“God bless and keep Sola Adio. You saved me from making one of the greatest mistakes in life.”

“It is just like a dream how I am able to get over my ex-boyfriend that got married to my childhood friend. Thanks to @solaadio.”

“You have widened the seeing ability of my eyes. May the Spirit never leave you in Jesus name.”

“Thank you so much for #SoulTies. It remains the freshest revelation I have gotten in relation to the striking truths on marriage.”

“Thank you so much for your tweets tonight sir. Just the right dose of what I needed. A burden has been lifted. God bless you.”

“Your tweets have been helpful to me this past month. #SoulTies got me through tough times. I’m really grateful. God bless you and yours.”

“Thanks to a conversation with @solaadio, when I look at forgiveness in the light of business, it is swifter to understand and it makes sense. God bless you sir.”

“I cannot forget the day I followed @solaadio on Twitter through LabiOlayori. It has been blessing all the way.”

“Always inspired each time I stop to read @solaadio’s timeline. Indeed, you are a blessing to this generation.”

“I listened to some of your random gists on your SoundCloud yesterday. I have been blessed.”

“Fair enough, you do discuss some pretty hard-core topics but every point you make is pretty much spot on.”

“I remember all the messages I had to listen to and still listen to. Thanks for being part of my success journey.”

“It’s the first time I’m reading about #SoulTies. Thank you very much. I’m clearer now.”

“Dear Sola Adio. Please let me take this opportunity to thank you for your teaching on the largely unknown but so important subject of #SoulTies. The Lord is changing lives through it. Looking forward to more of your tweets and teachings in 2015.”

“I have learnt so much from you in less than 48 hours.”

“What I learn each day from reading through @solaadio’s timeline is immeasurable… reality and hard truth”

“I have been a spectacularly unproductive Christian in relation to the wealth of knowledge, grace, and helpful people placed in my path daily. I seem to have collected the armour of warfare and then refused to use it or use it incorrectly. I blamed everyone except me, and then I blamed myself without taking action. It has been a vicious cycle that I did not seem able to understand or stop…It is amazing how simple the answer to my questions … ABIDE… Within 30 minutes of scanning the soul ties blog, I had my answers to years of anguish; I understood fully how and why sex keeps tripping me up. I assure you, your ministry is very effective. You certainly are a stone cut without a hand, which is aimed at, and effectively crushes imaginations, and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of our God. Thank you.

“Thank you @solaadio for your tweets and recordings. I was recently saved from a Bozo who is married but acted like he isn’t. Thanks to God that before then I had listened to the episode of believing God for a spouse in which you encouraged us to daily declare among other things that “I have the mind of Christ, therefore I can’t be conned”. I met the Bozo at a friend’s wedding. We exchanged phone numbers and started chatting via Whatsapp. After a while I contacted my friend who told me about her new place of residence where she stays with her husband and casually said she was bored because her husband isn’t at home. I suddenly felt a nudge to go see her. When I got to her place we chatted for a while and then I brought up the topic of the Bozo I met at her wedding. I showed her his picture and then I got the shock of my life when she said he is her sister’s husband. I’m really grateful to God for saving me from a heart mishap. The next time the Bozo tried to communicate with me, I was blunt. I asked him what he wanted from me. He said he needed my love. I told him I couldn’t love a married man. He tried to deny, saying that whoever is giving me information is an enemy of my progress. I stood my ground and told him, his wife and his kids will appreciate his love more. He hasn’t contacted me again. I can’t even imagine what would have happened to me if I had blindly fallen for his advances. I’m grateful to God for you @solaadio, you are a blessing to this generation. May God bless you and increase His grace on your life in Jesus mighty name. Amen”

“The most recent ‘tweet cast’ about the traits of a Bozo has led me to write this email. I’m so blessed! The Lord surely delivered me from the wrong relationship. I’m now adjusting to a life of being single and your tweets bring refreshment. I just wanted to thank you for heeding to God’s call to minister to the saints (and everyone really) about the topic of soul ties. Sometimes the ‘soulties’ make moving on very hard and I sometimes look back, but when I read your tweets, I get encouraged and I have the strength to move on. I realize that God saved me from ruining my life. I’m now on the path of recovery and restoration and God is so good! He really loves me and has always had my back. The break up was miraculous because only a loving Father can save and protect His daughter that way and I’m convinced he has a good plan for me. Your tweets are sometimes painful to hear but it brings healing to the soul. Keep labouring, it is not in vain! You have come at a time that is divinely orchestrated. God bless you!!!”

“Good morning, I want to share this with you because you are one of the people God used to bring me back to him. I broke up with one of my ex boyfriends seven years ago and I can honestly say I got over it relatively quick. But I saw him again just over a year ago and it brought back some of those feelings. I did everything short of begging him for us to come back together; I prayed, lied, spent days at his place all to one end…but it didn’t work. I even got angry with God that He didn’t care enough for me. Then someone retweeted your tweets and I found you. I went through your tweets and downloaded your material, you even called me (I’m still touched by that). I decided to follow your teachings and I cut him off. He started contacting me but I still kept my distance. I just found out last night that he has renounced Christianity and calls himself a free thinker. In his own words he has finally woken up. Because of your teachings, I told God I wanted a man stronger than me spiritually and all this time, God had been saving me from trouble. It’s so crazy because my ex’s father is a bishop and two of his brothers are reverends. I’m just so grateful to God that He saved me from myself, God loves me too much. He is an awesome wonder. I’m so happy. I wanted to share this with you because you have helped me so much, your teaching opened my eyes, heart and head. Please don’t stop, you are making a difference in people’s lives. Thanks and God bless, sorry for the long message.”

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