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A Testimony from previous #CovenantHalfHour editions

A Testimony from previous #CovenantHalfHour editions

I have a testimony to share

i was a muslim converted to be a Christian, basipted n also a worker in the house of God.i am still learning

I joined this group less than a month ago and have been blessed with teaching by @UncleSola

I had a car accident in Nov n i had a fracture and i have been hospital,bed, home bound but on my healing process now.

Since my POP as been removed 12weeks ago been on phsciotherapy and resume activites bit by bit and walking around with the aid of crutches,Once i moved around a lot,my ankle get swollen a lot,Doctor said its a sign of healing so i must take it easy

Now this is my testimony,My great uncle Sola (God bless you sir.Amen)called me Yesterday and my people it was a divine call and i was fully blessed why let me explain

For the past 4days been having serious migraine and pain at the spot of my fracture on my right leg,but i kept to fasting n listening to the 7days #covenanthalfhour but break half of the day,I have keyed into the declaration method uncle Sola teaches.Then uncle Sola called me Yesterday not because i dm him or message him to complain or told him of my present health challenges and immediately he called i told him what i was going through and he prayed for me n few mins my migraine was Gone

See here ehn i amnot one who believes in this ,i didnt want to tell him atall that i felt nothing in my head no more but for almost 20mins he kept talking i had to tell him “HA UNCLE SOLA MY MIRGRAINE IS GONE OOO”Pls sir pray for my leg too and few min i felt no pain on my leg again

Uncle Sola you are blessed and your teaching are so fun and so easy to learn all your teachings are connected to the bible

Uncle Sola, the great miracle and what i havenot communicated to you yet, Today i have driven n walked around today,been out of the house as early as 6am n just got back 30mins ago, my ankle wasnot swollen for even one minute ,its been 12weeks my Pop as been removed and every time i over walk or drive a bit,my leg must be swollen with pains n its take the whole night before it goes down.Sir i am still staring at my leg and nothing not even pain.I have h

People of God make sure you listen to every teaching Uncle Sola as paste on here.You need to be a believer, declare upon your life,Uncle teaches us to strengthen our faith,be our own helper and every single time he direct us back to the book of life THE BIBLE

I joined my faith with his divine teaching n prayers n i saw the result

Uncle Sola you are my mentor and my father ,since i have joined this group,My bible as been my best book to read,I have been healed n blessed

I shall still testify in respect of my martial life soon that i believe and know

Please everybody help me to thank Uncle sola and let keep praying for him for God to uplift him and also bless him @UncleSola


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