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#AskUncleSola is here!!!!!!! Spread the news!

#AskUncleSola is here!!!!!!! Spread the news!

Good News

#AskUncleSola is a new hashtag we are starting for a weekly broadcast on relationships. We are looking to start this Friday night on Instagram, Periscope and Facebook all at once.

#AskUncleSola We are looking to start a new cyber ecosystem across other platforms for our relationship outreach. This is why we are starting a regular Friday show called #AskUncleSola on other social media outlets.

What is the reason for or idea behind #AskUncleSola?

These days, I find that we do a lot of speaking and teaching in our church events and services but we hardly provide enough opportunities for attendees to ask specific questions that pertain to their own personal situations or conflicts. #AskUncleSola

So it’s possible for you to attend great gatherings and meetings and still leave with unanswered questions after listening to several hours of general teachings that don’t touch on your particular case. #AskUncleSola

In my real-life speaking engagements, I now create ample time for people to ask specific questions that relate to their situation so we can tap into the wisdom and counsel of God to point the way to helpful and Godly answers. #AskUncleSola

There are several questions I have answered in times past. Then I come across many people who tell me about wrong steps they have taken. And I am secretly wishing that they had these same answers before they took those steps. #AskUncleSola

As a result, #AskUncleSola is now born. This will be a program where you can ask questions using any social media of your choice with the hashtag #AskUncleSola.

These questions will be collated and answered in sequence during the weekly broadcasts on Instagram, Periscope & FB.

In addition to tweeting and posting questions on social media, you can ask anonymously by going on and use code 878361. #AskUncleSola

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As said earlier, we will be broadcasting to 3 platforms, Instagram, FaceBook and Periscope. We start this Friday at 10:00pm Nigerian time.

We look forward to many sessions of enlightenment and revelation starting this Friday night. Be sure to RT this entire thread to your timelines and spread the word about the new #AskUncleSola show starting this Friday.


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