#Soulties! How Do You Get Over Your Ex?

22 Aug

I absolutely love this piece. It’s not only my previous bias about you that makes me love this but the openness and sincerity of expression in your writings. Won’t fill up your blog with lengthy gists on #SoulTies but I offer 3 posts below that can aid recovery from #SoulTies with an ex.


The easiest way I can describe #SoulTies is “a psychological, emotional or even spiritual bond with someone (or something)”.

A bond so deep, that whoever you are tied to becomes a part of your life for good or many atimes, bad; even when you are separated from him or her.

So recently, I thought about the many problems that come with romantic relationships…. (geez. I don’t miss those)…. after a one-time almost-boyfriend (let’s call him Mr X) contacted me out of the blue and started talking about the “good old days”, how I had such spark and how he had messed up.

This would not have been much of a deal, except that, I’m aware he is engaged or almost engaged.

Abi, when two adults start wearing #asoebi (uniformed attire), and taking pictures that can be easily be tagged #PreWeddingPhotos… aren’t they engaged or pretty close to being that?


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  1. elsieisy

    August 23, 2014 at 2:00 pm

    Thank you


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