SoulTies Interactive Session 5 Sunday @ 5:00pm GMT (02-Mar-2014)

01 Mar


Hi there,

I’ll be hosting an interactive teaching session Sunday evening at 5:00pm GMT on Google+. Please find below the link that gets you in. I’ll be teaching on how to believe God for a mate and you’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions after the teaching. If you want to know what #SoulTies are all about before you join, you can check out #SoulTies 1-18 posts on our blog –>

Link to use for joining the Hangout session at 5:00pm is this

All you need is a good wifi connection, a computer or smartphone and a Google+ account. Please make sure you add me to your Google+ circle using this link –>

Link to use, once again, for joining the Hangout session at 5:00pm is this

Yokes shall be destroyed and burdens shall be removed in Jesus name. Looking forward to see you there at 5:00pm GMT. Please feel free to forward this invite to your friends.


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