Soul Ties 18

01 Mar

Welcome to #SoulTies 18. In this session, we conclude our studies on crushes, a hidden form of #SoulTies that can be potentially dangerous.

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Soul Ties 18:

#SoulTies 18 starts shortly.

1. Good morning y’all. Pls email me ur testimony on if u have been blessed by #SoulTies tweets.

2. I want to state that we are not here to condemn anyone or stigmatize anyone who has repeatedly fallen into sin due to #SoulTies

3. We are here to expose #SoulTies as the works of the enemy that the blood of Jesus has been shed to purge us from.

4. I also want to say that this isn’t a motivational broadcast but the gospel of Jesus Christ. #SoulTies

5. We are looking at this from the standard of the Word of God and no less. No compromise. #SoulTies

6. The flesh finds the Word and the Spirit of God unbearable but we cannot dilute the message. #SoulTies

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14. Today, we continue with looking at other entry points for #SoulTies apart from sex.

15. It is widely believed by experts that 50% of emotional affairs aka #SoulTies metamorphose into sexual affairs.

16. If you are involved in a so-called platonic friendship, your chances of ending up in bed are 50%. #SoulTies

17. We will look at platonic friendships soon. Platonic friendships mask unspoken emotional feelings for a while. #SoulTies

18. Today, we continue looking at crushes. They are another form of #SoulTies that can be potentially distractive.

19. We stopped with the following statements. #SoulTies

20. An unhandled crush can sink your marriage if you don’t deal with it. #SoulTies

21. An unhandled crush can rob you of emotional health in your existing relationships. #SoulTies

22. An unhandled crush can make you have silly expectations of your future spouse or partner that may rob you of joy. #SoulTies

23. Also mentioned that Miss Coker was my French teacher in school. Check #SoulTies 17 and get up to speed.

24. I got smashed up quite often by bigger boys when I got to secondary school and it was a new experience for me. #SoulTies

25. I was the best French student in class then and my name showed up on Miss Coker’s radar after one term. #SoulTies

26. She was very tall & pretty. We all had our favourites or crushes in class then and she was mine. #SoulTies

27. The way it worked then was you all had your favourite female teacher you were crushing on. #SoulTies

28. Bad news time is when another teacher is suspected to be dating your crush or her wedding date has been announced. #SoulTies

29. She spoke highly of me to the class and her colleagues. We got talking one day and I mentioned my plight to her. #SoulTies

30. She was so upset about it and she offered me protection in the form of going after the bullies and caning them. #SoulTies

31. Also, she said I could sit around her during break to keep out of harm’s way and to run her errands. #SoulTies

32. One thing for you to just crush on a person, another level when ur crush creates room for contact with you. #SoulTies

33. She lived up to her word. She went after the bullies. My fellow crushers gave up on her when they saw our closeness. #SoulTies

34. We didn’t have ‘enough’ crushes to go round so 10 boys could end up crushing on the same female teacher. #SoulTies

35. Then I was sick and didn’t show up in school for a whole week. Those days only the mega rich in Nigeria had phones. #SoulTies

36. We didn’t have any phone. I guess my parents would have contacted the school but I’m not sure what they did. #SoulTies

37. One evening, I saw Miss Coker walk past the window outside and then heard a knock on the door. I quickly got my Dad. #SoulTies

38. During my days in Nigeria, when a teacher turned up at your house, things could go very horribly wrong for you. #SoulTies

39. I once saw a Dad who came to school after a teacher’s bad report and seriously boxed his son on the assembly line. #SoulTies

40. I had no prior knowledge of her visit so I was very scared. Anyway, my Dad let her in and she got a royal welcome. #SoulTies

41. I don’t know if teachers are still that honored in Nigeria or anywhere else. Then I vanished from sight. #SoulTies

42. 5 mins later, my parents produced me and she explained that she had not seen me in school and she was worried. #SoulTies

43. Oh dear! Crush levels increased by 1000db when I heard her say to my parents that I was her best student in class. #SoulTies

44. Then two validation levels determined your flogging frequency at home. The one from parents and one from teachers. #SoulTies

45. Unknown to me, she was sighted coming into our house by my classmates across the street. Gossip galore in school. #SoulTies

46. When I got back, I earned a nickname ‘Mr Coker’. I was teased that she came to ask for my hand in marriage. #SoulTies

47. I didn’t reject the nickname cos of the crush. I was still being protected by my crush. It worked out nicely. #SoulTies

48. Nothing bad happened but my mind was filled with silly fantasies like growing taller, marrying her, eloping. #SoulTies

49. It wore off by the time my peer group started having girlfriends within our age bracket. #SoulTies

50. You flip the genders around. A male teacher with a female student or a male boss with a female intern. TROUBLE!! #SoulTies

51. And more trouble, when the crushee becomes aware of a crusher and decides to create ‘open doors’. #SoulTies

52. A crush can also be a person that you have pre-screened in your mind before any prior external contact. #SoulTies

53. Pre-screen means you’ve decided that should this guy come along to start something, it’s an instant YES! #SoulTies

54. Crushing becomes extremely dangerous when there is some form of contact between the crusher and crushee. #SoulTies

55. Some women have been heard to say they would have a baby for their crush even the crushee isn’t interested. #SoulTies

56. If it doesn’t wear off or get removed by the Word, it can get transferred to other people u meet in life. #SoulTies

57. Example, if your original crush had a particular exaggerated body part and he/she was never available to you. #SoulTies

58. In the future, when you meet people with similar features, you will settle for them in lieu of the inaccessible one. #SoulTies

59. Some have gotten married and then met their high-school crushes several years later. They had secret affairs. #SoulTies

60. Some even had kids for themselves while being married to other people. #SoulTies

61. US stats show that 10% of kids are born into families and their real dads are not their mums husbands. #SoulTies

62. Nigerian DNA bodies even say it’s 3 of 10. 30% of kids delivered by wives in families are fathered by secret lovers. #SoulTies

63. Statistically, you have 30% chances of marrying a woman in Nigeria that will have baby in wedlock that is for another man. #SoulTies

64. When a woman delivers a baby as those it’s Dad is her husband, it becomes d most guarded secret in d world. #SoulTies

65. Fashionable crushes like Miss Coker are the ones we can talk about. There are several others we can’t talk about. #SoulTies

66. They are crushes you have on ur boss, ur pastor, ur friend’s husband, ur cousin’s wife, ur parish member etc #SoulTies

67. Crushes and what they produce (if they ever get actualized) are always the most closely guarded secrets in life. #SoulTies

68. You chew on them in private but if you chew on them long enough satan can eventually arrange a meeting for you both. #SoulTies

69. A public figure, actress or pastor has no idea how many people out there are crushing over them. #SoulTies

70. For non-pastors, they may relish the attention. For church leaders, it’s a problem and I’ll explain. #SoulTies

71. When you crush over a person, you are sending out negative spiritual forces out to that person. #SoulTies

72. One person crushing on you doesn’t sound like a problem. 1000 ladies or men crushing on you is very significant. #SoulTies

73. To compound the issues, many crushers know they are wrong and move on. Others don’t and they play rough & dirty. #SoulTies

74. It then means that you need to soak yourself in prayers if you have visible contact with many people. #SoulTies

75. If you are crushing secretly on certain people in your present or past while being married, u need to break it. #SoulTies

76. I know a lady who once changed church and city cos she was crushing on her pastor and didn’t want it to happen. #SoulTies

77. I have an audio that can help you break crushes and #SoulTies. It’s here. –> #SoulTies

78. Please help spread the word about #SoulTies and get your tweeps to follow the tweets on @solaadio

79. See you guys next week at the #SoulTies Hangout on Google+. #SoulTies

If you have been blessed by this piece and you want to share your prayer requests or testimonies with me, please use this contact form. Your email will come straight to me and will not be published on this site. My BB pin is 7C5BBD57.

Your servant in Christ
Olusola Adio

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  1. Agbede blessing

    March 2, 2015 at 10:06 pm

    Lol Mr Coker…funny and educative


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