My First #SoulTies radio broadcast at Hephzibah

07 Mar
My First #SoulTies radio broadcast at Hephzibah

I got invited by Soji Alayo of Hephzibah Radio to field questions on #SoulTies. This was my first experience on LIVE radio. I was confronted with the following sight when I walked in.


Below are the anchor ladies, who kept the conversation on #SoulTies lively with Soji before I started taking questions.


This was me looking like a rookie in headphones while monitoring the sound output of the broadcast.


Later on towards the end of the broadcast, the 2 top ladies in my life came into the studio to say Hi to the listeners.


Soji and his crew were extremely happy with the #SoulTies broadcast. Soji said I’ll be back to talk about “Social Engineering”. We all tried to cram into this photo in excitement. There will be a re-broadcast next week Tuesday if you missed the broadcast last night.




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