Soul Ties 21

22 Apr
Soul Ties 21


Welcome to #SoulTies 21. In this session, we look at a topic I title “Sowing & Reaping”. Forgiveness is God not holding anything against us that we have done. However, on the earth, we reap what we sow. This tweet cast is to help us understand the law of sowing and reaping and the implications of things we do on the earth. This is a very powerful teaching you don’t want to miss reading.


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Good morning y’all. Happy Resurrection Sunday to you all. JESUS IS RISEN FROM THE DEAD AND HE IS ALIVE. Spread the Word. #SoulTies

1. Sowing and Reaping #SoulTies

2. Galatians 6:7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked:for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. #SoulTies

3. God taught me three things about Gal 6:7 1)U reap exactly what u sow 2)U reap more than what u sow 3)U reap later than u sow #SoulTies

4. You reap EXACTLY what you sow. It’s a law of life and God hardly tampers with it except on extremely few occasions. #SoulTies

5. U don’t sow oranges in your plantation & then wish to see apples in a years time. U don’t sow opium & expect to see berries. #SoulTies

6. The law of sowing and reaping is one that you don’t just use prayer to intercept in order to change the products. #SoulTies

7. Forgiveness of God doesn’t change d fruits of an apple tree into oranges. After forgiveness, u need to uproot & replant. #SoulTies

8. The fruits we see today on a tree tell us what was sown in the past. If we see oranges, u can’t convince us u sowed mangoes. #SoulTies

9. The law of sowing and reaping can’t be faith’d away or ‘ska bashed’ away. You get exactly what you put into the ground. #SoulTies

10. 2) U reap more than what you sow. This means that you most times attract a multiple of what you put into d ground. #SoulTies

11. Jesus said u receive a multiple of what you part with for the sake of the gospel. Not begging for your money, so calm down. #SoulTies

12. Jesus conveyed the message that a multiple of what you put into the ground comes back in your direction. #SoulTies

13. In the secular world, they say “when it rains, it pours”. It means you get a deluge of what you put in to the ground. #SoulTies

14. The beauty of farming is that u have exponential growth because what u put in the ground brings multiples crops. #SoulTies

15. 3) u reap later than u sow. This means that u don’t always see the fruit of what u put in the ground in a magical fashion. #SoulTies

16. When I was a kid, I hated agric science cos I couldn’t see the immediate product of my efforts unlike chemistry. #SoulTies

17. Later on in life, I got to discover that many farmers were very patient and wealthy people. #SoulTies

18. There is a time lag between when you put things in the ground and when you see the fruits in a harvestable condition. #SoulTies

19. There is a bamboo specie that takes soooooooooo long to get going, a couple of years, I think. #SoulTies

20. There is a time when what you plant into the ground is not seen by anyone. It’s coming but people don’t know. #SoulTies

21. There is a delay between the day you plant and the day you reap what you sow. The fruits are inevitable but they take time. #SoulTies

22. If I plant tomatoes today, the fact that u don’t see my tomatoes today doesn’t nullify my coming harvest in several weeks. #SoulTies

23. During this delay, there are certain things going on underneath away from natural eyes. The roots are being strengthened. #SoulTies

24. Spiritually alert people know that a delay in fruit bearing after seeds are sown means roots are being strengthened. #SoulTies

25. Spiritually alert people don’t think God is wicked when fruits don’t show up instantly. Roots r being strengthened. #SoulTies

26. Delay in fruits showing up leads to 2 deceptions. First deception is that God is not faithful after you have sown good seed #SoulTies

27. Second deception is that when you sow a bad seed and you don’t see immediate fruit, u think u escaped d bad harvest. #SoulTies

28. The womaniser’s nightmare is a woman getting pregnant after he’s been there. He feels relief when test turns out negative. #SoulTies

29. When you sow bad, a delay in seeing the fruits does not mean u escaped the harvest. Forgiveness doesn’t wipe it away. #SoulTies

30. U sowed seed into a girl yesterday, u got saved today and asked for forgiveness. Will forgiveness wipe the pregnancy away? #SoulTies

31. The bible shows us some delays of some harvest situations from one mans generations to those of his offsprings. #SoulTies

32. It took over 9 years for our daughter to come. Some who had theirs earlier looked down on us thinking God didnt favour us. #SoulTies

33. Quick results don’t necessarily make u superior. People with delayed results usually have a deeper story to tell the world. #SoulTies

34. Some of your seeds can be delayed to manifest in your children’s generation. What are you sowing today? Good or bad? #SoulTies

35. We used the analogy of fruits, tomatoes etc to explain the law of sowing and reaping this morning. #SoulTies

36. U reap exactly what u sow, u reap more than what u sow and u reap later than u sow. Some seeds delay in producing. #SoulTies

37. In real life, your daily actions towards other people are the seeds that you sow. What you do to others come back to you. #SoulTies

38. You can’t sow tomatoes into other people’s lives and expect apples back in the future. You reap what you sow. #SoulTies

39. Seeds u sow in secret produce undeniable harvests that cannot be hidden just like secret sex produces a robust pregnancy. #SoulTies

40. If we understood that every action we take in life for or against our neighbour comes back to us, we’ll be more thoughtful. #SoulTies

41. How you act in secret about your neighbour is also how a neighbour will act in secret about you next month. #SoulTies

42. So it means if I trample upon my neighbour in secret, then the same possibilities open up against me in the future. #SoulTies

43. Many of us act anyhow because we erroneously believe lack of human detection exonerates us from the consequences. #SoulTies

44. Many men erroneously think being a man exonerates u from actions u take against women forgetting u may also have daughters #SoulTies

45. Bro, The seeds you sow towards a woman can bring a harvest to women you treasure. #SoulTies

46. Sister, the seeds you sow into men can bring a harvest to the men you cherish the most in life whether good or bad. #SoulTies

47. Let me tell u a story. Many years ago, I sat in a mechanic shop while my Dads car was being repaired.  #SoulTies

48. One man began to speak to the mechanic about the owner of the car without knowing I was the owner’s son. Just dey observe. #SoulTies

49. Seeing a Yoruba man full of emotion and tears was unprecedented. He said he couldn’t ever forget my dad. #SoulTies

50. He said my Dad employed him at d civil service and didn’t know him from Adam and saved him from hunger. So full of prayers. #SoulTies

51. He told d mechanic to ensure that d job was extremely thorough on the car. Then I told him that was my Dad & he freaked out #SoulTies

52. I went home humbled asking if I had done anything that day that my child will be proud of when its mentioned to him or her. #SoulTies

53. I got employed once In Lagos almost 20 years later by a manager my Dad recruited and sent abroad from the service. #SoulTies

54. Would you be pleased with the thoughts of 100 fold of your actions today being repaid to your children and grand children? #SoulTies

55. Would u be pleased about your daughters being treated exactly the way u have treated all the girls u dated? Yes or Naa? ?? #SoulTies

56. Sister, would u be confident that its ok for ladies to treat ur son the way u have treated all the men that came your way? #SoulTies

57. When I land finish, people may unfollow me. ?? #SoulTies

58. I want to crank things up more now. U know we have an exploiters mentality in life where we crush d vulnerable & are cool. #SoulTies

59. Even when your neighbour is weak or vulnerable, your actions towards him or her would still later  come back as a harvest. #SoulTies

60. So if u are a man and u exploit that vulnerable sister, you sow a seed that comes back to you or your own in the future. #SoulTies

61. If you are a sister and u walk all over that socially inept man, you sow a seed that comes back go you in the future. #SoulTies

62. Life isn’t just all about getting the best for yourself at the expense of other people’s happiness and joy. U sow seeds. #SoulTies

63. When I relate with a woman, I ask myself. Is this how I want my daughter treated when I am not there? #SoulTies

64. When I offer advise to a woman, I do it with d same integrity I’ll do it to my daughter.  #SoulTies

65. So Mr player, the way u run through these girls. Is this how u want ur daughters to be run through by men in their own time #SoulTies

66. Sister heartbreaker, is this how you want your sons heart shattered in his own time, the way you have shattered 3 men. #SoulTies

67. Mr rapist, now ur turn. Is this how u also want ur daughter raped the way u have raped 6 girls. Would that make u repent? #SoulTies

68. Dude, u are very good at putting your ex’s nudes and sex tapes online. Would you want this for your daughters as well? #SoulTies

69. Bro, u excitedly retweet a girls leaked nudes. It’s a seed. You should lament that this is someone’s daughter. #SoulTies

70. If we men ask ourselves, is this how we want our daughters treated? We’ll behave more sensibly with other women. #SoulTies

71. All your today’s  actions are seeds that program your tomorrow. You decide what you want your tomorrow to be. #SoulTies

72. U are in the business of asking weak girls for nudes. Would u want ur daughter asked for nudes in her own time as well? #SoulTies

73. Mr rapist, that girl begged & begged and u still went ahead. Do u want the cry of your daughter to go without mercy? Think. #SoulTies

74. You slapped and kicked all your girlfriends. Would you be happy to see men in your daughters time do same? #SoulTies

75. I once told a serial womaniser friend who boasted of his conquests that I hope u know these are people’s future wives. #SoulTies

76. I said since u are trampling on other’s future wives I guess it’s ok that urs is being bedded somewhere now. He got upset. #SoulTies

77. Tomorrow, before u act. Ask yourself this: “Would I like a 100 fold of this coming to me & my kids?”. If u happy, do it #SoulTies

78. Don’t mistreat another man’s thing cos it ain’t yours and no one is looking. What you sow comes back to u in full measure. #SoulTies

79. Every girl u deceive saying u’ll marry ends up becoming another man’s wife. Is it ok we mess your’s up before u meet her? #SoulTies

80. You deceived 6 girls with marriage promise to sleep with her. Will u be happy with 3 failed engagements a well? #SoulTies

81. I have lashed out against the nude sharing girls but dude, u are WICKED & WRONG to receive and publish them. We blame YOU. #SoulTies

82. If church people appreciate these thoughts, we’ll have a safer place that’ll attract people to d gospel. U reap what u sow. #SoulTies

83. You can’t use an erroneous understanding of forgiveness to shut my crying voice in the wilderness & keep sowing evil deeds. #SoulTies

84. Even Jesus said He was coming to execute payback time on d 7 churches in Revelations. Only 1 church had a good assessment. #SoulTies

85. If Jesus will execute payback time against whole churches, do you think we’ll just walk away like that as individuals? #SoulTies

86. Mr Rapist, u said it was her 80% exposure that made u do it. Is it ok for ur daughter to be raped when she’s scantily clad? #SoulTies

87. Minister, is it ok for ur daughter to be exploited by her spiritual leader in 20 years time the way u prey on parishioners? #SoulTies

88. Christianity doesn’t stop with God’s forgiveness. It continues with the sowing of good seeds. #SoulTies

89. There was a former Nigerian minister of works who died in a road crash on d same road he failed to repair while a minister. #SoulTies

90. Hope you were blessed. Will catch you guys later. Don’t forget to visit for resources on #SoulTies


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