Marry a Boaz and not a Bozo

20 May
Marry a Boaz and not a Bozo


We had a twitter gathering titled #WhenSinglesGather involving 5 speakers including myself. Jesus Himself rocked the house. I sincerely thank @grace_festus for the invite. A huge ShoutOut to @bunmicake, @oluwoleinspires & @adedoyinmatthew. I shared on “Marrying a Boaz and not a Bozo” from 5:30pm to 6:00pm. This is a very powerful teaching you don’t want to miss reading.



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Please find below Flickr & iCloud links for the Soul Ties 22 Tweetcast

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#SoulTies 22 starts shortly.

1. Many thanks to @grace_festus for the invite. ShoutOut to @bunmicake, @oluwoleinspires & @adedoyinmatthew. #WhenSinglesGather

2. We are looking at marrying a Boaz instead of a Bozo. Huge topic but we’ll take the highlights over 30 mins. #WhenSinglesGather

3. My tweet cast is directed at Christian sisters who are of the spiritual lineage of Ruth and not Rut. #WhenSinglesGather

4. As daughters of God, you have an inheritance from God that is not inferior to that of men. #WhenSinglesGather

5. Caleb’s daughter married a very strong man called Othniel. She also had a double portion inheritance from Caleb #WhenSinglesGather

6. I know some cultures in Africa where a wife is deemed unproductive if she has daughters and no sons. #WhenSinglesGather

7. These cultures even wipe off the names of daughters off the inheritance left by their father. #WhenSinglesGather

8. Only a great and productive man was deemed worthy of marrying Caleb’s daughter. #WhenSinglesGather

9. After she got the first inheritance from Caleb, she asked him for a 2nd one. She got double. Read Joshua 15:13-20. #WhenSinglesGather

10. Sister, you are not a lowly creature destined for obscurity but a creature of power, colour & divine destiny. #WhenSinglesGather

11. There was however one commandment that preserved d daughters inheritance. Don’t marry outside your spiritual tribe. #WhenSinglesGather

12. In Numbers 27:1-9, Zelophehad’s daughters asked for their inheritance. In some countries, they won’t get anything. #WhenSinglesGather

13. Moses sought the Lord & the Lord granted their prayer but a provisio was inserted in Numbers 36:6-7 about marriage. #WhenSinglesGather

14. They couldn’t marry outside their tribes in Israel else their inheritance would be forfeited. #WhenSinglesGather

15. 2 Cor 6:14a Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers:for what fellowship hath righteousness with #WhenSinglesGather

16. 2 Cor 6:14b unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness? #WhenSinglesGather

17. Sister, under the New Testament, we are of the tribe of the Lion of Judah and you can marry ONLY from this tribe. #WhenSinglesGather

18. Sister, your Boaz ONLY exists in the Body of Christ. Boaz is a Son of God who obeys and fears God and honours you. #WhenSinglesGather

19. Boaz is the one who comes and improves your prayer life, Bozo is the one who comes and destroys it and sleeps with u #WhenSinglesGather

20. Boaz is a lion king but Bozo is a lying king. Boaz is an eagle but Bozo is a vulture coming to sexually exploit u. #WhenSinglesGather

21. Boaz is a legend in his time, Bozo is a legend in his own mind. Boaz will give himself but Bozo is stuck on himself #WhenSinglesGather

22. Boaz spends time with the baby and calls you babe, Bozo acts like a baby all the time that you beg after every row. #WhenSinglesGather

23. Boaz will raise the seed but Bozo will spill and waste the seed all over town on side chicks through adultery. #WhenSinglesGather

24. Boaz is a brother in church committed to holiness, Bozo is a brother who visits u with condoms in his pockets. #WhenSinglesGather

25. My sister, don’t come under the delusion that your sex is enough to keep Bozo. Bozos love variety. He’ll dump u. #WhenSinglesGather

26. Anything it takes to get Bozo, it will also take to keep Bozo. Anything you got, someone else got it better. #WhenSinglesGather

27. Even if u have a Bag of chips, Delilah has dips, hips and lips and knows how to flip Bozo’s bazooka better than u #WhenSinglesGather

28. My sister, any man who cannot wait and also abstain from all sex till wedding night is a Bozo. Don’t date him. #WhenSinglesGather

29. Your inheritance from God is great. Don’t squander or forfeit it cos of a Bozo who will still dump or cheat u. #WhenSinglesGather

30. Sister, don’t trade your inheritance for a Bozo no matter how well he looks or talks. There are nice devils. #WhenSinglesGather

31. Sister, your father is the greatest personality and you deserve only a Boaz as your inheritance, not a Bozo. #WhenSinglesGather

32. A president’s daughter doesn’t marry just any random fellow. There are guidelines so d inheritance isn’t destroyed. #WhenSinglesGather

33. Same with you my sister. Your father owns the cattle and the gold upon a thousand hills so you can’t marry anyhow. #WhenSinglesGather

34. Great men don’t give their daughters out to men without backbone & exploits. Same goes with your heavenly father. #WhenSinglesGather

35. Any man who isn’t sold out to God & His Word isn’t good enough for you & will only add you to d divorce statistics. #WhenSinglesGather

36. Caleb was a big fella so any1 who wanted his daughter had to up his game.Any1 who wants u must up his spiritual game. #WhenSinglesGather

37. So much more, but time is up. Will do a full tweet cast on this soon. Thanks to @grace_festus. My BB is 7C5BBD57. #WhenSinglesGather

If you have been blessed by this piece and you want to share your prayer requests or testimonies with me, please use this contact form. Your email will come straight to me and will not be published on this site. My BB pin is 7C5BBD57.

Your servant in Christ
Olusola Adio

BB: 7C5BBD57  Twitter: @solaadio IG: @solaadio


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