Soul Ties 22 – Delilah’s Killer Profile

08 May
Soul Ties 22 – Delilah’s Killer Profile


Welcome to #SoulTies 22. In this session, we look at the profile of Delilah. Delilah is the spiritual name of that woman who has been sent to create spiritual abortion in your life through your #SoulTies with sex. This is a very powerful teaching you don’t want to miss reading.

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#SoulTies 22 starts shortly.

1. Good morning y’all. Pls email me ur testimony on if u have been blessed by #SoulTies tweets.

2. I want to state that we are not here to condemn anyone or stigmatize anyone who has repeatedly fallen into sin due to #SoulTies

3. We are here to expose #SoulTies as the works of the enemy that the blood of Jesus has been shed to purge us from.

4. I also want to say that this isn’t a motivational broadcast but this is the gospel of Jesus Christ. #SoulTies

5. We are looking at this from the standard of the Word of God and no less. No compromise. #SoulTies

6. The flesh finds the Word and the Spirit of God unbearable but we cannot dilute the message. #SoulTies

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14. Today I am writing to every man who has a great future ahead of him or is already in the middle of one. #SoulTies

15. I am writing a few notes to you about a lady called Delilah who is lurking around or who is already tucked into you. #SoulTies

16. Delilah is the spiritual name of that woman who has been assigned by satan to tear down your great exploits. #SoulTies

17. Delilah is the spiritual name of that woman who has been sent to create spiritual abortion in your life. #SoulTies

18. Spiritual abortion occurs when divine events that are being birthed in the spirit over you are intercepted. #SoulTies

19. Spiritual abortion occurs when divine thoughts about your future are not part of your history when you are done on earth. #SoulTies

20. Delilah has been an evolving spirit. Delilah has kept up to date with latest trends. Delilah is not an archaic phenomenon. #SoulTies

21. Delilah is not an ancient character who has lost her relevance and position in today’s world. She is extremely up to date. #SoulTies

22. Delilah also disguises, using fancy names like ‘Side-Chicks’ to fool trendy young men like you who are very up to date. #SoulTies

23. Delilah is a demon operating from hell control centre through carefully selected female secret agents on the earth today. #SoulTies

24. Delilah works with her boss, satan, to help him in bringing a collapse to the destiny and reputations of fine men like you. #SoulTies

25. Delilahs operate across social barriers. If u are noble, peasant or working class, there’s a Delilah that matches ur size. #SoulTies

26. Samson developed a taste for strange sex when he first went into a prostitute. A prostitute in his days had other duties. #SoulTies

27. Prostitutes in those days were dedicated to demons. They participated in temple orgies where demons where worshipped. #SoulTies

28. Prostitutes paid offerings. Definitely, they didn’t pay those offerings to my Jehovah. They paid them to Baal. #SoulTies

29. Proverbs 7:14 I have peace offerings with me; this day have I payed my vows. <— harlot made offerings to Baal. #SoulTies

30. The prostitutes were dedicated to Baal and they were the ones used for orgies during demon worship. #SoulTies

31. The same temple prostitutes went out there to source paying customers & they paid an offering to Baal to run the temple. #SoulTies

32. So each time u went into these prostitutes, u were joining up yourself with demons & creating #SoulTies with strange sex. #SoulTies

33. Young man, so those prostitutes you join yourself with sexually, you don’t know what demon they have been dedicated to. #SoulTies

34. There is a propensity in you that always wants to recreate a cherished unique sexual experience with a similar woman. #SoulTies

35. Young man, what makes wayward UNILAG girls or Allen Avenue prostitutes attractive to you is not beauty. It’s demonic power. #SoulTies

36. This sets the stage for the entry of Delilah. Delilah had the same quality of sex on offer but at a higher cost. #SoulTies

37. Samson was already known by satan to be susceptible to the deceitful cries of a woman in extracting trade secrets from him. #SoulTies

38. Each time, you succumb to the petty tears of a Delilah who pleasures u sexually, u are like an ox led to the slaughter. #SoulTies

39. Each time, you succumb to the petty tears of a Delilah you sleep with, you are like a fool led to the correction of stocks. #SoulTies

40. Delilah takes more than a crispy dollar note for sexual services. She takes ur strength, ur passion for God & ur dignity. #SoulTies

41. Delilah has a very high IQ. Delilah is not a dull girl. Delilah thinks on her feet and doesn’t give up after a few fails. #SoulTies

42. Delilah is extremely adaptable and she’s ever so good with any task you assign to her but she comes with a baggage. #SoulTies

43. In your office, Delilah is that dependable PA you cannot do anything without but your eyes never depart from her body. #SoulTies

44. Delilah is that dependable PA who has brought perfect order to your business life but she also controls your sex life. #SoulTies

45. Delilah is that indispensable PA in your office who has grown to become more powerful than all your co-directors. #SoulTies

46. Delilah is unseen but yet most powerful force in your business who can orchestrate the firing of any other worker. #SoulTies

47. I have seen a Delilah in the UK who got her Samson-boss to fire a male colleague who dared to disagree with her. #SoulTies

48. Delilah uses your insatiable thirst for illicit sex to climb the ladders of power rapidly in your organization. #SoulTies

49. Most Delilah’s don’t marry because their activities are not compatible with those of a married woman. #SoulTies

50. Some Delilah’s do marry and this makes them harder to be detected due to the societal respect for married women. #SoulTies

51. Whether married or unmarried, Delilahs are extremely prolific in their activities. #SoulTies

52. In ur marriage space, Delilah is d woman who silently & strategically presents herself as d woman your wife cannot be. #SoulTies

53. Delilah is that woman who overhears your wife saying no pounded yam but offers to pound yam for you on a stopover. #SoulTies

54. Delilah is that matured maid who makes more delicious stew than your wife & serves it with a spring in her step. #SoulTies

55. Delilah is the woman who offers to make you a baby when she sees your wife has a problem with conception. #SoulTies

56. Before we stigmatize our singles, Delilahs in your marriage space are also often married to other men. #SoulTies

57. Delilah offers you a shoulder to cry on because you are not sharp enough to keep your home matters secret. #SoulTies

58. Delilah shows you what could have been if you had been married to her instead of d wife of your youth. #SoulTies

59. Delilah offers you her laps to sleep on to drown your marriage sorrows while she harvests info about your wife. #SoulTies

60. Delilah cuts easily into you cos of your #SoulTies with strange sex, exotic foods and ego pampering. #SoulTies

61. Delilah feigns loyalty to you but Delilah is never loyal to anyone but herself. She can end you with a poisonous apple. #SoulTies

62. Delilah not only pleasures you sexually but also gathers enough private material to sink you, when she’s out of favour. #SoulTies

63. Delilah popularly known as side chicks don’t suffer with u from bottom up. They mostly join in when u are rich. #SoulTies

64. When things are rosy for you, Delilah hangs out with you. When things go pear-shaped, u find out Delilah ain’t loyal. #SoulTies

65. Young rich businessman, don’t open up ur business trade secrets to Delilah. Delilahs jump ship when they see trouble. #SoulTies

66. A Delilah (is extremely efficient in managing ur company business and they cut out other women. #SoulTies

67. A Delilah carefully harvests information from you during your unguarded moments of sexual misconduct that can sink you. #SoulTies

68. A Delilah promises you during passionate moments to take a bullet for you. When trouble comes, they vanish into thin air. #SoulTies

69. When u ring up a Delilah after she’s dumped u asking for help, her response can potentially give you a heart attack. #SoulTies

70. A Nigerian man once had a stroke while on ‘active’ service in Delilah’s bed. #SoulTies

71. Delilah packed him into a taxi & sent him home to his wife instead of getting him to the doctor for medical attention. #SoulTies

72. My friend, Delilah is a personality who never fails to get casualties from generation to generation. #SoulTies

73. Delilah serves as a honey trap sent by more vicious enemies who want to kill and destroy you. #SoulTies

74. No man on earth could access Samson’s trade secrets but only Delilah could because of his #SoulTies with strange women.

75. Samson had his eyes plucked out in the process. You lose your vision when you kiss the laps of Delilah. #SoulTies

76. Samson tried to invoke the Spirit of God but God was gone. Delilah is an anointing killer. #SoulTies

77. Samson got vexed daily by Delilah to divulge his secrets. Delilah pressurizes you after sex with her demands. #SoulTies

78. Delilahs escape detection in today’s world because they present themselves as victims when scandals erupt. #SoulTies

79. Delilah prepare their exit plans well ahead of time while you are still wallowing in sexual #SoulTies with them.

80. A study once revealed that you are very truthful to women you find very attractive. Debatable. #SoulTies

81. However, Samson eventually said the truth about his power when he was plied with enough sex. #SoulTies

82. An English coach once disclosed his team selections to his office Delilah. #SoulTies

83. If you are under the evil grip of a Delilah, your destruction is just around the corner. #SoulTies

84. You can’t fight off a Delilah with will power because she now has access to the people and media to sink you. #SoulTies

85. Your wife hates Delilah but letting your wife loose on her will bring you huge collateral damage that will sink you. #SoulTies

86. You need to believe God for wisdom to eliminate Delilah and it’s not a very straightforward process. #SoulTies

87. Delilah has ‘explosives’ wired round your whole reputation and will surely ignite them if you scorn her. #SoulTies

88. Your #SoulTies with better sex that makes you switch from Delilah to a smaller fry will bring huge loss to you. #SoulTies

89. Delilah hates competition, even from your own wife, and she will fight rough to retain her power post. #SoulTies

90. Young man, my advise to you is don’t let your erection destroy your direction and destiny. #SoulTies

91. Keep your sexual drive under control to make yourself unattractive to Delilah. Have a great week. #SoulTies 

If you have been blessed by this piece and you want to share your prayer requests or testimonies with me, please use this contact form. Your email will come straight to me and will not be published on this site. My BB pin is 7C5BBD57.

Your servant in Christ
Olusola Adio

BB: 7C5BBD57


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2 responses to “Soul Ties 22 – Delilah’s Killer Profile

  1. Oladipo kehinde

    June 6, 2014 at 6:30 pm

    All men need to read dis

    • Sola Adio

      June 6, 2014 at 6:32 pm

      Thanks a lot. Please help share the link to your twitter and Facebook followers


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