Questions about #SoulTies

10 Jul
Questions about #SoulTies






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Is #SoulTies a doctrine?

No. #SoulTies isn’t a doctrine. I never defined it as a doctrine. You can read about the origin and definition of #SoulTies here —>


Is #SoulTies a doctrine built on a segment of scripture or a single life issue?

No it isn’t. #SoulTies covers every area that affects your soul. It covers relationships, your worship of God, addictions etc If you read the bible, you’ll find #SoulTies from Genesis to Revelations. Eve was captivated by what she saw in Genesis. Thats #SoulTies/ Jesus had harsh words for lovers of adultery in Revelations 2:23. That’s #SoulTies.


Is #SoulTies a philosophy?

#SoulTies is not a philosophy. It’s another expression for the lust and works of the flesh in the bible that we are applying God’s Word against. I receive mails regularly from people testifying on how they were delivered from wrong relationships, how they avoided wrong relationships, how they recovered from nasty breakups, etc  It’s not a doctrine. Its something that stands in the way of the manifestation of God’s purpose for your life. Samson had #SoulTies with kinky sex and prostitutes and that stood in the way of God’s manifestation in his life. Everyone is faced with #SoulTies challenge but in different forms until their minds are renewed with God’s Word.


Does #SoulTies situate relationships only within narrow band of society?

No it doesn’t. #SoulTies affect every relationship. Good or bad. This is a Christian ministry not a secular concern or a self-help outreach. So we are guided by what the bible says even in relationships and we don’t compromise God’s Word in order to appeal to everyone. This would make us look like being very narrow to Christians who have a liberal and watered down attitude to the things of God. For that, we offer no apologies. I speak with several people across the world on the phone every week who don’t share my belief system seeking for my opinion on relationships. I tell them only what I know from the bible. Interestingly, my most ardent readers and listeners are actually some Northern Nigerian muslims and I get along very well with them on a personal basis.


Does #SoulTies address the broader society?

Oh yes. David had #SoulTies with BathSheba and oops! A great American business man had #SoulTies with a lady and lost his basketball team. #SoulTies address every human being that has a soul. My readership includes professionals, sportsmen, students, media gurus, etc


If I marry a man who is my spiritually junior to me, how does it expose me to #SoulTies with my pastor?

This is born out of observation of pastors. I worked with pastors for over 2 decades so I know this well. Women who love God but married out of pressure to men who didn’t share their spiritual affinities ended up being closer to their pastors. Their pastors became a stronger voice in their marriages than their husbands. This affected many women, not all. Check out a post I did on this. —>


Where are the scriptures to back these assertions?

You can read about the origin and definition of #SoulTies here. You will find scriptures there, if you read the post. —> You can also find several posts on this site with scriptures explaining what #SoulTies are and how they operate


How does admiring Daniel Washington forge #SoulTies with him? Is this logical or even scriptural? 

If your admiring goes over board, you can forge #SoulTies with Daniel Washington. David admired Bathsheba from afar. He forged #SoulTies with her without having met her to the point that he invited her round for a sleepover. His actions with her were born out of #SoulTies (fantasies of having sex with her) even before she arrived for the sleepover. You can have #SoulTies with a person you have not spoken with yet. Its called crush. David had a crush on Bathsheba. I’m sure you had a crush on someone you never met while growing up. Thats #SoulTies. If you didn’t, then you missed out on teenage fun. Lol! By the way, I can’t find the word “Crush’ in the bible. Does that mean it doesn’t exist? I can’t find ‘Drug Addiction’, ‘Pornography’, ‘Masturbation’ in the bible. Does that mean they don’t exist? Does that mean we should be silent about them because we can’t find those exact terms in the bible? What’s your definition of something being scriptural? Rape was practised in the bible by a few people. Is it then scriptural because it was included in the bible?



Please feel free to contact me if you have any more questions about #SoulTies. I’ll be willing to take all your questions. Please feel free to follow me on twitter or BB so we can exchange phone numbers. I’ll gladly call to have a conversation with you. You seem to be Lagos-based. If you don’t mind, I’ll love to pop into your office on my next Lagos visit to share a drink or coffee with you. Signing off, Olusola Adio



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