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Sexual #SoulTies Reloaded (Storify)

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Welcome to Sexual #SoulTies Reloaded. In Sexual #SoulTies Reloaded, we see how your walk with God is affected by your sex life. If God has no dominion over your sex life, then He has no dominion over your entire life. We see here how Solomon & Samson got their relationships with God messed up by indulging in fornication and adultery. A man who opened the temple under so much great anointing became a man confused as to whether he should worship God or idols of his concubines. How come? Sex with his concubines brought this confusion. Pre-marital sex and extra-marital sex is VERY BAD for you. Your soul gets chipped away each time you do it and your worship of God is no longer intimate and engaging. You disobey God when you do it. You also contact sexually transmitted diseases and spiritually transmitted diseases.


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