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Can you do crazy stuff for who you want to marry?

Can you do crazy stuff for who you want to marry?







Hi there,

A twitter friend of mine (@arabinrinmi) asked the following open question:



We then decided to turn it into a Question of the Day on Twitter for #SoulTies followers. We had great fun. We also derived another question out of it, “Can you fetch water for your girlfriend’s family from a well on your first visit?”. We had several interesting responses which I retweeted to my timeline on 18th and 19th of August. I decided to give my own thoughts and response to these two questions on the following audios. They are not the “Gospel” but they are very strong viewpoints for you to consider.

If you don’t have SoundCloud or you are a BB user, please use the direct download links below:

Can You Wash Your Boyfriend’s Mother’s Clothes On First Visit?

Can You Fetch Water For Girlfriend’s Family On First Visit?

My contact details are

BB pin: 7C5BBD57
Twitter: @SoulTiesTweets
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Google+: Olusola Adio



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