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I got featured as “Personality of the week”. Please read and leave a comment.


We are starting off our maiden edition of Personality of the week, with a man who has dedicated his life to the service of God and mankind, but before i proceed any further, i will attempt to shed some light on this new segment.

I decided to start this segment, to honor those everyday ordinary people, who are doing extra ordinary things, on a daily basis, trying to impact on their society and those around them in positive ways, and so every Friday i will be hosting a different individual, so stay tuned, and who knows, you might just be the next personality of the week.

Now back to our personality of the week.

At a first glance, he looks a lot like Hakeem Kae Kazeem, you know, the rebel leader in Hotel Rwanda, and oh if you don’t know who am talking about, then am pretty sure you remember…

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