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www.BreakingSoulTies.Com is One Year TODAY!!!!

www.BreakingSoulTies.Com is One Year TODAY!!!!

Hello Guys,

http://www.BreakingSoulTies.Com is one year today. The “Breaking #SoulTies” outreach is just over a year old. I was having a chat with Moni 2 hours ago and she said that she’s been amazed by what she’s seen in terms of impact and influence on people. She can tell because she (along with Iyanu) bear the brunt of several tweet casts, chats and phone calls I have had to make over the last one year. We are grateful to God for the lives that have been touched so far. We return ALL the glory to Him. God has moved ahead of us in this outreach. God is moving quicker than us and we only just rely on His grace to keep abreast with what He is doing.

In just one year, God has enabled us to churned out 99 blog posts, host 9 Google+ hangouts, host a real-life hangout at Holiday Inn Stratford. God also enabled to us put powerful #SoulTies stuff out on Facebook, Google+ and SoundCloud. Within this same year, God brought WiG Radio our way who offered to air us twice a week. All these God did for us, without us having to borrow from anyone or extort money from anyone.

I receive mails describing what God has been doing in peoples lives through this outreach and I can only worship Him in spirit and truth for the great things He has done.These mails from you all describing God’s goodness provoke thanksgiving in our hearts to God.

Please do me a favour today. Kindly comment below on how whatever you have read on this blog over the last year has blessed you. You’ll make my day. Please click over the photos to have a full experience of the media album.

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Please find below some of the public feedback we received on twitter about #SoulTies

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Your servant in Christ
Olusola Adio

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