#SoulTies 31 – How to spot a Rozo you shouldn’t date or marry

25 Oct
#SoulTies 31 –  How to spot a Rozo you shouldn’t date or marry


Welcome to #SoulTies 31. In this session, I share on how to spot a Rozo you shouldn’t date or marry..




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Welcome to a broadcast about Ruth & Rozo

  1. Hello y’all. Pls send ur testimony to if u have been blessed by #SoulTies tweets. #Rozo
  2. I want to state that we are not here to condemn anyone or stigmatize anyone who has repeatedly fallen into sin due to #SoulTies #Rozo
  3. We are here to expose #SoulTies as the works of the enemy that the blood of Jesus has been shed to purge us from. #Rozo
  4. I also want to say that this isn’t a motivational broadcast but this is the gospel of Jesus Christ. #Rozo
  5. We are looking at this from the standard of the Word of God and no less. No compromise. #Rozo
  6. The flesh finds the Word and the Spirit of God unbearable but we cannot dilute the message. #Rozo
  7. Today I am writing to every man who has a great future ahead of him or is already in the middle of one. #Rozo
  8. I am writing to that man called Boaz, a man in whom the spirit of God dwells. #Rozo
  9. I am writing to that man called Boaz, a man whose heart is set as flint to walk with God #Rozo
  10. I am not writing to Bozo but if you are one, please feel free to enjoy the tweet-cast hoping you’ll turn to God #Rozo
  11. Pro 31:10 Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies. #Rozo
  12. No amount of money can match the worth of a virtuous woman in the life of a Boaz. She’s priceless. #Rozo
  13. Pro 31:11 The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil. #Rozo
  14. One very core component of a Prov 31 woman, whom we will nickname Ruth is TRUST. She is extremely dependable #Rozo
  15. A Boaz will trade outward aesthetics for trust when it comes to the issue of marriage. #Rozo
  16. Even a Bozo marries a woman he trusts while maintaining liaisons with more visually appealing ones outside the home. #Rozo
  17. Pro 31:12 She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life. This was my prayer as a single. #Rozo
  18. One prayer point I had before I met my wife was to meet a woman who will do me good and not evil all the days of my life. #Rozo
  19. It follows that if you seek a woman who will do you good and not evil, you must also be such a person as well. #Rozo
  20. Prov 31:26 “She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness.” #Rozo
  21. Ruth expresses herself in wisdom and kindness. She thinks on her feet and yet doesn’t go out to harm or manipulate people. #Rozo
  22. Prov 31:27 She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness. #Rozo
  23. Ruth is very resourceful and never idle. Two women married to our covenant fathers were found being resourceful at the well. #Rozo
  24. Pro 31:30 Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised. #Rozo
  25. Despite the huge emphasis on outward beauty by today’s world, the greatest strength of Ruth is her fear of God. #Rozo
  26. Boaz, if you rate outward beauty over the fear of God, you are likely to marry wrong. #Rozo
  27. Boaz, there is Ruth, there is Rozo, there is Delilah, there is Jezebel, etc. You need to walk in the spirit to know which one. #Rozo
  28. Boaz, Don’t be fooled by the subtle stereotype that is propagated saying “All men are bad & all women are faithful” #Rozo
  29. If you are a Boaz, you are a likely target for both Ruth and Rozo as a potential husband. #Rozo
  30. Boaz, a woman posing to love you doesn’t automatically mean she’s a Prov 31 woman. #Rozo
  31. Boaz, you need to look beyond the makeup, aesthetics, smooth words, IG profiles into the spirit to discern correctly. #Rozo
  32. Boaz, you can be deceived by favour and beauty if you are not vigilant in the spirit in your search for a wife. #Rozo
  33. Boaz, life is full of people who want the best for nothing. Don’t be fooled by validation. It can be faked to con you. #Rozo
  34. Boaz, Ruth is the Prov 31 woman you want to be with for the rest of your life. #Rozo
  35. Boaz, you don’t want to be with Rozo. Rozo could derail your train and possibly abort your mission. #Rozo
  36. The rest of this broadcast will help you know what Rozo looks like. Not exhaustive but you will have an idea. #Rozo
  37. Rozo is a lady who already has a fiancée but also deceives other men into sham relationships to fleece them of cash. #Rozo
  38. Rozo is a lady who maintains multiple & intimate relationships with men across the world without deciding which one to go for.
  39. Rozo is a married woman who maintains multiple cash for sex relationships with men outside her marriage. #Rozo
  40. Rozo is the married woman whose phone rings at home but can only answer the calls from the bathroom. #Rozo
  41. Rozo is the married woman whose kids in the marriage are not all fathered by the husband. One or few fathered by the side-man. #Rozo
  42. Rozo is the lady who sees men as mugus. She finds your mugu button and hits it to fleece you of cash. #Rozo
  43. Rozo is smart. She finds out who you don’t consider as wife material and then deceptively sets herself up as your dream wife material.
  44. Rozo is a lady who visits Taju at home on a date but ends up in bed with his uncle because his uncle has loads of cash. #Rozo
  45. Rozo is your husband’s ex-girlfriend who still sends unsolicited nudes to him on WhatsApp. #Rozo
  46. Rozo is a woman who hunts out a virgin Boaz for a good marriage but still retains her Bozos out there for sexual flings. #Rozo
  47. #Rozo is streetwise. Rozo cuts through rich men with low self esteem using soothing words like a hot knife cutting through butter.
  48. Rozo makes it easy for socially inept men to come through so she can control their emotions and finances. #Rozo
  49. A man searching for love, who grew up without motherly hugs and warmth is an easy target for Rozo. #Rozo
  50. A wealthy man who isn’t good at chatting up ladies also makes a good target for Rozo. #Rozo
  51. People wonder how Rozo came off with a good husband. Rozo is on the offensive and she has eagle eyes to spot game from afar. #Rozo
  52. Rozo is very adaptable. She can play the sex game with you or play the chastity game with you as long as she has you in the bag. #Rozo
  53. I can’t explain it. Your mum seems to have a radar that blips in her head if your girlfriend is a Rozo. #Rozo
  54. Rozo conceals her daughter or disguises her daughter to you as her youngest sister so she doesn’t ruin her chances of marrying you.
  55. Rozo may be your chief-bridesmaid, very friendly with ur hubby that you need to watch so you both don’t end up eating from the same pot.
  56. #Rozo may be your dependable friend u tell about your marriage problems who goes behind u to become what ur husband wants in a woman.
  57. Rozo is that lady in your office you moaned to, about your wife for the last 3 months. Today, Rozo is your main side-chick. #Rozo
  58. #Rozo may not be married but her marriage advice works wonders in your marriage. However, her services are neither free nor cheap.
  59. Rozo could be the married woman next flat that cannot stop bringing faulty electronics to your husband to help her fix. #Rozo
  60. #Rozo may not be married but she has excellent communication skills that mesmerize your husband while you throw tantrums at home.
  61. #Rozo sizes u up on arrival to decide whether to depend on u or make u depend on her. As long as u are in the bag, that’s what matters.
  62. Rozo could be that healthy able-bodied woman downstairs who calls out your husband daily to start her generator. #Rozo
  63. #Rozo is the not too bright girl in UNI who becomes gf to the best boy in class for help with homework. After finals, she dumps him.
  64. Rozo has 5 mugu levels for men who are fools that are soon parted with their money. #Rozo
  65. If you are a fool soon parted with your money, Rozo calls you a maga, finds your mumu button so she can keep pressing it. #Rozo
  66. Maga level 1 is the the recharge card level. Rozo uses you at this level to run her plethora of devices by getting you to send airtime.
  67. Maga level 2 is hair extension and manicure level. #Rozo uses a bunch of you to fund her Peruvian hair extensions and cosmetics.
  68. Maga Level 3 is the primary investment maga level. #Rozo gets you to pay her a decent monthly cash allowance for her sex services.
  69. Rozos on maga investment level 3 can easily fund the purchase of brand new cars with their allowances from multiple streams. #Rozo
  70. Maga investment Level 4 is the connector level where Rozo sets herself up to obtain contracts from a maga such as a politician. #Rozo
  71. Maga Level 5 is d rich husband maga level where d maga rents an apartment to house #Rozo. It’s just slightly below being another wife
  72. A Rozo being with a level 5 Maga doesn’t prevent her from maintaining lower level magas for multiple income streams. #Rozo
  73. Mr Boaz, please make sure you don’t become a maga for smart Rozos out there who can feign love to people who ain’t streetwise.
  74. Rozos boast to each other in their inner circles about the number of unsuspecting magas they have in the bag. #Rozo
  75. Dream maga for #Rozo is d Christian one who makes no sexual demands. No need for condoms & abortions but dude is fleeced of his cash.
  76. Rozo possibly stores you on her phone with names such as recharge card maga, weave-on maga, ATM maga, iPhone maga etc #Rozo
  77. Rozo isn’t also about money all the way. Rozo also comes across as a very sexually active single. #Rozo
  78. Rozo doesn’t believe in chastity. She insists on test driving you and breaking your chastity vows to God. #Rozo
  79. Rozo could have an e-relationship with you leading to marriage while maintaining physical relationships with local entities. #Rozo
  80. Rozo believes in the power of sex to influence people in life and uses this to her advantage. #Rozo
  81. Rozo sends you her nudes without you having asked for them because she knows most men have uncontrolled erection. #Rozo
  82. Rozo sends you her nudes without you having asked for them because she wants to beat the competition. #Rozo
  83. Rozo knows the power of sex and would provide excellent sex services to trap you but she has no more than that to offer. #Rozo
  84. Rozo is the lady who insists on measuring the length of your manhood with a tape rule before agreeing to marry you. #Rozo
  85. Boaz, there are Ruths, there are Rozos, there are Delilahs, there are Jezebels etc  Know which one by the spirit. #Rozo
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  90. In these #SoulTies hangouts, there’ll be room for people to ask questions about what we have been learning.
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  92. Please visit our new blog page to access audio downloads of the #SoulTies tweets.
  93. I pray that God-fearing men looking to marry will find this useful in avoiding Rozo and finding Ruth, the Prov 31 woman. #Rozo

Your servant in Christ

Olusola Adio

BB: 52C7F3CD

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