Valentine’s Day Tweet-cast

14 Feb
Valentine’s Day Tweet-cast


Special Valentine’s Day Tweetcast




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  1. Valentine’s day is yet another opportunity for people to flesh out all over the world under the hood of ‘love’.
  2. My thoughts however go to ladies out there who may be in harm’s way as everyone goes around seeking to be loved by someone.
  3. My thoughts go to a few ladies out there who may be unaware of sexual assaults being planned against them.
  4. If you are a Christian single, you must be aware of God’s view on fornication and the #SoulTies that follow such actions by now
  5. Many men in the flesh see the Val’s day thing as an opportunity to express their erection in the name of ‘love’ as they issue out gifts.
  6. Sister, if anyone invites you alone to a private location to come get a gift and a rape may have been scheduled. DON’T  turn up.
  7. Sister, If anyone books a hotel room for you both to chill out, he has full SEX on the agenda, if you don’t want, GO BACK HOME.
  8. Sister, any dude who is not content with loving you in a public restaurant but wants to get you to his crib, wants SEX. Please be aware
  9. Sister, don’t let your obsession with gifts, cash and gadgets make you throw your safety to the winds. Bozo will use them to bait you.
  10. Sister, don’t think u have what it takes to fight off a rapist when alone with him. A lot better for u not to be enticed into danger.
  11. Bozo, spending 50K on a lady doesn’t automatically entitle you to sex. If you think it does, keep your 50K and buy her just a Sprite.
  12. Bozo, if spending a certain amount of money makes you feel the need for a sexual gratification, keep your cash to yourself.
  13. Dude, don’t spend any amount of money on a woman that will give you a sense of loss if she doesn’t give you sex in return.
  14. I don’t endorse fornication but if u really think ur 30k should fetch u sex today, head to the streets to arrange a proper contract.
  15. It doesn’t matter if you paid 50k for that hotel room, if she says she doesn’t want sex, suppress your erection and cut your losses.
  16. I belong to the “No means No” crew. If she says NO, it must be NO. Buying a 30k lunch is not an explicit or implicit sex contract.
  17. Dude, you are an absolute disgrace to manhood, if you con and rape a lady who trusted her safety and privacy into your hands.
  18. I have a word for a category of women in Nigeria who classify themselves as smart. I’ll tweet more about them in the following tweets.
  19. There’s a category of women in Nigeria who indulge in extracting financial favours from Bozos and dodging their sex demands.
  20. You are treading on very dangerous ground. I’ll explain this to you across a few tweets.
  21. We hear stories of ladies who walk into hotel rooms alone with Bozos and allegedly they got raped.
  22. I then begin to wonder if a grown 30 yr old lady couldn’t figure out what a lone man wants to do alone with her in a hotel room.
  23. Then it dawned on me that the ladies play along to enjoy the man’s cash & when the man unveils his intent in the hotel, they say NO.
  24. You can’t do this for too long because Bozo doesn’t see himself as a non profit setup. He thinks you should pay him back with sex
  25. I have overheard a discussion before in a barber’s shop where a man told his mates about a girl he was currently dating.
  26. The guy said the lady had been round his crib thrice, collected financial favours but when he asked for sex, she declined and left.
  27. The dude told his mates that he knows she loves money & food. He said he would get her in again to collect a bigger sum of money.
  28. He then said, when she comes again to collect free money as before, the house key will be in his pocket and he would rape her.
  29. So, smart lady, u can’t con men out of their cash forever. There are vicious ones planning to rape you on your next collection visit.
  30. We all agree that ‘NO means NO’ but you could have avoided this mess by putting a knife to your greed for cash and iPads.
  31. Many acquaintance rapists started their journey to assault with a declined request for sex before proceeding with a violent assault.
  32. If anyone has asked u for sex and u ain’t interested, NEVER be in private with him. NEVER make him your ATM. It’s very risky.
  33. Sister, you are not a welfare project. Paying your tab once in a while sends the message that you ain’t cheap and u are unpredictable
  34. My prayer today is that every intending rapist be frustrated in their attempts to bring misery on anyone in Jesus mighty name.
  35. I pray for my sisters that they will walk in sensitivity to the Holy Ghost and hear His voice leading them away from intending rapists
  36. If u have uncontrolled erection problems, may I invite you to receive Jesus Christ so He can help u overcome it and be safe to us all.
  37. Lord, I pray that these tweets will save lives today, will save men and women from being sexually assaulted in Jesus mighty name.
  38. Col 3:17 And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.
  39. The name of Jesus stands for the honour, glory and authority of Jesus. When you do stuff in His name, you bring glory to Him.
  40. Brothers and sisters, whatever you do today, do to bring honour and glory to Jesus. Don’t trade your chastity for Val gifts.
  41. May this be a season where God’s love will usher us into all our desires for fulfilment in relationships in Jesus name.
  42. I pray that the footsteps of all my single sisters and brothers will be guided to meet only God-fearing partners and not predators
  43. I pray that all my single sisters and brothers here will operate in super discernment and not fall victim to relationship scams.
  44. I pray that none of my single sisters or brothers will sell their birthright for a morsel of meat in the pursuit of human love.
  45. Hey tweeps, please be sure to tweet me photos of your Val gifts and dinners today. Tweet me if you made, got or accepted a proposal.
  46. As time permits today, I will call the first 5 tweeps (I have NEVER spoken with) who DM me their numbers for 5mins each.

Your servant in Christ

Olusola Adio


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