First #SoulTies e-Book is OUT!!!!

20 Mar

I am pleased to announce the release of my first e-Book about #SoulTies on Amazon. You can download it from

  1. Hello Everyone. 18th of March 2016 was a very special day for me for 2 reasons. #SoulTiesBook
  2. First, it was my birthday. Second, my first #SoulTiesBook went LIVE on Amazon.
  3. You can buy the #SoulTiesBook from Amazon using this link
  4. The title of my #SoulTiesBook is “Breaking #SoulTies”. The hardcopy version will go LIVE in a few weeks.
  5. My #SoulTiesBook teaches on what #SoulTies are, sexual #SoulTies, #SoulTies and associations and how to break them.
  6. Please feel free to buy, read and review the #SoulTiesBook for me.
  7. Don’t include any personal familiarity with me in your Amazon review else Amazon will reject it as not objective. #SoulTiesBook
  8. My special thanks go to 3 people who made up my team for this project. They worked very professionally. #SoulTiesBook
  9. A big thank you to my project manager @MaMindMaTweets (Dami Adebayo). She cracked d whip on me for us to deliver today. #SoulTiesBook
  10. A big thank you to my designer @Sholleni (Ibukun Sobola). So young & very good at what she does. Pulled off the flat look. #SoulTiesBook
  11. A big thank you to @proofreadership (Buki Bassey) who proof-read the script. Such a pleasant personality #SoulTiesBook
  12. 3 things about these 3 people who helped me. They are ALL Nigerians. They are ALL women. I met them ALL on Twitter. #SoulTiesBook
  13. iBelieve in Nigerians. iBelieve in women. iBelieve in people I meet here. #SoulTiesBook
  14. Once again, the link to buy the #SoulTiesBook from, is Kindly help to RT these tweets to your TL.


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