A Short Overview of “Breaking #SoulTies”

22 Apr
A Short Overview of “Breaking #SoulTies”

The Breaking Soul-Ties outreach started as an online outreach on Twitter in October 2013 to a few hundreds of followers. In less than three years, the combined Twitter follower list has grown to over 30,000. The outreach has also spread to other networks such as BBM, Google+, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. Please visit to view all the articles and information and downloads about #SoulTies

Over this period, several lives have been transformed by the series of online broadcasts done to teach on what Soul-Ties are and how to help believers break free of them to walk in their God-ordained purpose in life. Testimonies have come through from people who got delivered by God’s Word from habits such as porn addiction, masturbation, sexual Soul-Ties, Soul-Ties with ex-lovers, extra-marital affairs, etc.

In May 2015, we hosted our first “Lagos Breaking #SoulTies” seminar at Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. In July 2016, we had the 2016 edition at RCCG Tabernacle of David, Ajah, Lagos, Nigeria. Lagos Breaking SoulTies 2016. In 2017, we are hosting our 1st annual convention in our hometown, Grays in Essex, United Kingdom. We also have other dates planned for Port-Harcourt and Abuja in 2017.

Please read a few of the testimonies we have recorded here –> Testimonies from Breaking #SoulTies

You can also download our audio broadcasts here –> Audio Downloads These broadcasts have helped a lot of young people online to jettison ungodly relationships and to build healthy and godly ones.

I do a weekly radio broadcast titled “Believing God for a Spouse”. All the past episodes can be found here –> Believing God for a Spouse This series has helped young Christians looking to marry to avoid relationship scammers on their way to finding their God-sent spouses.

My new book, “Breaking Soul-Ties” is an encapsulation of various teachings done about what Soul-Ties are and how to break them, on social media. This book is being shot as an arrow from the quiver of the almighty God into the earth as a tool to help men and women understand what Soul-Ties are and how to break them. The same Spirit of God who has helped hundreds and thousands of people on social media through the online broadcasts is also upon the pages of this book to set people free from bad Soul-Ties and empower them to walk in the plan of God for their lives.

This book has 7 chapters explaining what the human soul and Soul-Ties are, Good and Bad Soul-Ties, link between Soul-Ties and Friendships, Emotional Soul-Ties, Sexual Soul-Ties and how to break Soul-Ties and a few testimonies. As you read this book, my prayer is that the Spirit of God will minister life and power into your hearts that will destroy every yoke and remove every burden in the Name of Jesus. It can be downloaded by clicking the book image below or by using this link First #SoulTies e-Book is OUT!!!!

Some background information about me can be found here ==> About Sola Adio

Please go over to this page to see a very profound miracle that God brought into our lives: Iyanuloluwa, our daughter born after over 9 years of marriage. ==> Iyanuloluwa, our miracle from God

Kindly forward this page or link to your contacts, Pastors and young members of your congregation. These resources will surely be a blessing to them.

Olusola Adio

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