Soul Ties 29 – How to spot a Bozo you should not date or marry #SoulTies

06 Dec
Soul Ties 29 –  How to spot a Bozo you should not date or marry #SoulTies

Welcome to #SoulTies 29. In this session, we examine the profiles of Boaz and Bozo. Boaz represents who you should be marrying and Bozo represents who you shouldn’t be dating or marrying. This will greatly help women, not only in church but also outside the church.

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Hello All. Boaz & Bozo Tweet-cast starts #SoulTies

    1. We are looking at marrying a #Boaz instead of a #Bozo. Huge topic but we’ll take a bunch of tweets.
    2. My tweet cast is directed at Christian sisters who are of the spiritual lineage of Ruth not Rozo.
    3. Please note that this tweet cast is directed at Bible Christians. This tweet cast isn’t a social crusade to please all.
    4. As daughters of God, you have an inheritance from God that is not inferior to that of men.
    5. Caleb’s daughter married a very strong man called Othniel. She also had a double inheritance from Caleb
    6. I know certain cultures in Nigeria where a wife is deemed unproductive if she has daughters and no sons.
    7. These cultures even wipe off the names of daughters off the inheritance left by their father.
    8. Only a great and productive man was deemed worthy of marrying Caleb’s daughter.
    9. After she got the first inheritance from Caleb, she asked him for a second one. Read Joshua 15:13-20.
    10. Sister, you are not a lowly creature destined for obscurity but a creature of power, colour & destiny.
    11. There was one commandment that preserved the daughters inheritance. Don’t marry outside your spiritual tribe.
    12. In Numbers 27:1-9, Zelophehad’s daughters asked for their inheritance. In some countries, they won’t get anything.
    13. Moses sought The Lord and The Lord granted their prayer but a provisio was inserted in Numbers 36-6-7.
    14. They couldn’t marry outside their tribes in Israel else their inheritance would be forfeited.
    15. 2 Cor 6:14a Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers:for what fellowship hath righteousness with
    16. 2 Cor 6:14b unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?
    17. Sister, under the New Testament, we are of the tribe of the Lion of Judah and you marry ONLY from this tribe.
    18. Sister, your #Boaz ONLY exists in the Body of Christ. #Boaz is a Son of God who obeys and fears God and honours you.
    19. #Boaz is the one who comes and improves your prayer life, #Bozo is the one who comes and destroys it.
    20. #Boaz is a lion king but #Bozo is a lying king. #Boaz is an eagle but #Bozo is a vulture coming to sexually exploit u.
    21. #Boaz is a legend in his time, #Bozo is a legend in his own mind. #Boaz will give himself but #Bozo is stuck on himself
    22. #Boaz spends time with the baby and calls you babe, #Bozo acts like a baby all the time that you have to beg and pacify.
    23. #Boaz will raise the seed but #Bozo will spill and waste the seed all over town on side chicks through fornication.
    24. #Boaz is a brother in church committed to holiness, #Bozo is a brother who visits u with condoms in his pockets.
    25. The remaining tweets will show you who #Bozo is, so you can avoid him in all your future dealings as a Christian.
    26. My sister, don’t come under the delusion that your sex is enough to keep #Bozo. #Bozos love variety. He’ll dump u.
    27. Anything it takes to get #Bozo, it will also take to keep #Bozo. Anything you got, someone else got it better.
    28. My sister, don’t let #Bozo con u into a pull-out game. It’s fornication and a tiny drop of juice can still get u pregnant.
    29. #Bozo has an insatiable and unquenchable taste for sex. He claims to be in love with you only because you dish out the sex.
    30. #Bozo attends church but doesn’t believe in abstinence before marriage and is constantly pestering you for illicit sex.
    31. As soon as #Bozo demands for sex, throw him under the bus ASAP. Don’t negotiate with him. Flee!! Block him off.
    32. #Bozo knows that consistency will break you so don’t let him pressurise you into sex. Get rid of him ASAP.
    33. If you fornicate with #Bozo, you open yourself to satanic activity in several possible forms.
    34. If you consent to fornicate with #Bozo, you expose yourself to possibilities of STD, pregnancies and abortions.
    35. On many occasions, if you get pregnant for #Bozo, he will throw you under the bus and leave you to abort by yourself.
    36. If you fornicate with #Bozo, you expose yourself to his demons and the negative spiritual climate he carries around.
    37. Many #Bozos are also violent. They beat you but you refuse to dump him because you get a bae allowance.
    38. #Bozo breaks up with you the moment you cut off the sex supply. It’s the sex that stimulates him not your person.
    39. #Bozo is only guided by his uncontrolled erection. He would tell you as many lies as possible just to get between your legs.
    40. #Bozo is extremely happy when the sex is flowing. But he gets very moody when you tell him you have missed your period.
    41. #Bozo who didn’t seem to have enough to buy you a leather handbag produces money for abortion you didn’t even ask him for.
    42. #Bozo is the guy who is very happy to keep having sex with you without any talk about committing to marriage.
    43. #Bozo binds you into an oath of secrecy in your relationship so you don’t find out he’s all over the city with other ladies.
    44. #Bozo loses interest in you very rapidly and unfriends you when you decline an invite to show up alone in his crib.
    45. #Bozo loses interest in you very rapidly and unfriends you when you refuse to stay the night in his crib for a sleepover.
    46. #Bozo’s dream scenario is when you let him progress all the way to sex without a formal definition of your relationship.
    47. #Bozo says he wants a godly relationship with you. In 2 weeks after you catch feelings, he starts asking to french-kiss you.
    48. #Bozo does not believe in chastity. He maintains sidechicks for ‘rough sex’ while he preserves his wife for ‘decent sex’.
    49. #Bozo is addicted to sex with a variety of women but only pauses to marry you and then resumes his activities 6 months later.
    50. Married #Bozo’s phone is heavily guarded and passworded because it contains nudes and details of his other sex partners.
    51. #Bozo can never goto sleep upstairs and leave his phone to charge downstairs because Rozo may call or text anytime.
    52. #Bozo never shares the password of his phone with wife, child or fiancee in order to conceal his external sexual dealings.
    53. #Bozo doesn’t let you follow him on FaceBook because he has another sex-mate there while pestering you for sex in your DM.
    54. #Bozo is quite happy to date and lay with you for 11 years but moves on to marry fresh legs when he is ready for marriage.
    55. When you are desperate to marry, #Bozo fast tracks marriage talks so he can have the cookie. When he gets it, he dumps you
    56. #Bozo is extremely slow in deciding if you are wife material but very swift to pester you for your nude photos and sex.
    57. #Bozo is the one who tries to con you into sex saying “just the tip”. Its fornication and a drop can get u pregnant.
    58. #Bozo says “Just the tip, Just the tip”. He has it in mind to go all the way if you fall for his con.
    59. #Bozo is the guy who is very happy to lay you but keeps dodging all your attempts to discuss your future with him.
    60. #Bozo is the guy who lays u & secretly wishes that u will never attempt to progress the relationship into anything serious.
    61. #Bozo cons you into fornication and several abortions and dumps you to go marry a virgin to increase his chances of child bearing.
    62. #Bozo is the guy who sleeps off during night vigil but is awake almost all night when he is having sex with you.
    63. #Bozo is very delighted while having sex with you but he flares up anytime you try to discuss your future with him.
    64. #Bozo even borrows or lives off you and yet evades all your attempts to concretise your relationship with him.
    65. #Bozo is always jealous to see other men talk to you because he is busy hitting at other women too, behind you.
    66. #Bozo meets a pretty friend of yours for the first time and makes secret attempts behind you to woo her into bed.
    67. #Bozo is the man who always throws tantrums if you refuse to go see him alone or refuse to let him visit you while alone.
    68. #Bozo is the man who insists that a first date with you must culminate with a visit to his crib where he lives alone.
    69. #Bozo is the friend who tries to con you into privacy so he can either pressurise you into consensual sex or rape you.
    70. #Bozo is d man who skilfully sits in ur friend-zone till he becomes indispensable and u become hooked & then asks for sex.
    71. #Bozo is the man who says to you that he has to test drive you sexually before he makes a decision on whether to marry u.
    72. There are married and unmarried #Bozos. #Bozos hunt for both married and unmarried sisters. #Bozos respect no boundaries.
    73. #Bozo cuts through unhappy women like hot knife cutting through butter cos he is a skilled communicator.
    74. #Bozo is that man you refused to kick out of your life while u are in a serious relationship who still tries to con u into sex.
    75. #Bozo has no respect for your chastity, marriage or relationship. All he wants is to get between your legs.
    76. #Bozo is the man you gave in to once and who has never stopped calling, trying to come back for more casual sex.
    77. #Bozo is the man who fakes a relationship of chastity with you but goes around with a pack of condoms in his bag.
    78. #Bozo is the man who fakes a relationship with you, so he can get a free supply of sex from you and then dump you.
    79. #Bozo dangles the carrot of an engagement ring in your face, so you can open your legs for him. Don’t sell your birthright.
    80. #Bozo is the man who capitalises on your crave for attention, gives you the attention but extracts loads of sex in return.
    81. #Bozo invites u round for a seemingly harmless sleep over but will spend all night trying to con you into sex or even rape u
    82. #Bozo is a man who doesn’t give for nothing. He sees every dime he spends on you as investment to get you into bed.
    83. #Bozo takes you out for ridiculous dinners in order to wow you. It’s not that he loves you. He wants the sex from you.
    84. #Bozo is the guy who is marrying next week but promises you marriage in order to have you as his sexual “last supper”
    85. A ‘Last Supper’ #Bozo is a #Bozo marrying soon who goes around conning other women with fake marriage promises to fornicate with them.
    86. Many ‘Last Supper’ #Bozos hit u up via WiFi so you don’t have access to their network who can leak info that they marrying next week.
    87. ‘Last Supper’ #Bozo term was coined out of the deception that he wants to fornicate for the last time before marrying & settling down.
    88. Ur only protection against ‘Last Supper’ #Bozos is never to consent to a fornication request. They move away to the next prey quickly.
    89. #Bozo is the guy who fornicates with you for several years and then hobbles off to marry a virgin next week.
    90. Sister, your greed that makes you receive every gift #Bozo gives you, weakens your resolve to say No to #Bozo laying you.
    91. Sister don’t deceive yourself to think u can collect gifts from #Bozo & escape sex. His gifts have strings attached.
    92. #Bozo is not a charitable organisation. All his gifts have strings attached to set you up for fornication.
    93. Sister, don’t be fooled by the money #Bozo spends on you. He has a primary goal in mind to get between your legs.
    94. #Bozo sees you as nothing more than an object of sexual gratification but deceives you by pretending to love you.
    95. #Bozo studies your #SoulTies very well and tailors his gifts to feed your #SoulTies so you can be off guard for him to hammer.
    96. Sometimes, #Bozo pretends to be prayerful when you meet him. If you marry him, he dumps prayer for alcohol & adultery.
    97. Married #Bozo uses the excuse of wife’s recent childbirth to hit the streets and link up with his gang of Rozos.
    98. #Bozo uses your emotional vulnerability as a platform to set you up as a sex tool by supplying you loads of validation.
    99. #Bozo even uses your friends to gather intelligence about your #SoulTies so he can be precise with his strikes.
    100. At other times, #Bozo extracts info directly from you about your #SoulTies so he can be very precise with his strikes.
    101. Sister, when you turn #Bozo to your ATM machine, you open the door for indecent sexual proposals from #Bozo.
    102. #Bozo issues you a monthly BAE or Girlfriend allowance but this is only guaranteed if he keeps fornicating with you.
    103. Sister, ur crave for d latest phones, tablets & accessories exposes u to being conned by #Bozo into fornication.
    104. Sister, your crave for money makes u a very cheap target for married #Bozos out there pretending to be single or divorced.
    105. Sister, your crave for marriage makes you ignore warning signs about #Bozo’s fornication activities and marry him regardless.
    106. Sister, your crave for marriage makes you delude yourself thinking you can pray #Bozo out of fornication if you marry him.
    107. Sister, if you are desperate, you will treat a #Bozo as a viable marriage partner and drop your spiritual & moral standards.
    108. #Bozo claims he needs to test-drive you to determine your suitability for marriage but you are his 14th test car so far.
    109. #Bozo promises to marry you cos that’s what you want to hear and u let him have the cookie. He dumps u after.
    110. #Bozo is also an unsaved man who turns up in church to fake salvation, so he can con you into a sham relationship
    111. #Bozo practices fake tongues with his friends so he can con you to think he’s spirit filled, if you lack discernment.
    112. #Bozo even joins your church to fake a Christian life all to just con you into a sham relationship.
    113. #Bozo is a man who can’t quote one scripture verse correctly and yet wants to lead you and your children in a godly family.
    114. #Bozo is a guy who cannot quote 2 scriptures correctly about marriage but he is up to date with all the latest sex positions.
    115. #Bozo cons u into privacy saying it’s just kisses & smooches he wants but actually has full sex in mind.
    116. #Bozo says the bible isn’t against french kisses but he plans to use the kisses to con you into fornication.
    117. #Bozo reacts angrily to tweets that advise women to uphold chastity because he feels those tweets will shrink his market.
    118. #Bozo attacks people on SM who add their voice to calls for chastity because he fears this will reduce his target market.
    119. #Bozo cancels a job offer he has made you, when he finds out that you read #SoulTies because you become too sharp for him.
    120. #Bozo cons you to believe that if he uses a condom on you, then it’s no longer fornication. Big lie.
    121. #Bozo never runs out of condoms in his wallet even when he is married and trying for a baby with his wife.
    122. #Bozo is the one who asks you for your nudes because he has no respect for you or your covenant with God.
    123. #Bozo is the one who rips your dignity to shreds by publishing your nudes on Twitter when you fall out with him.
    124. #Bozo is the one who asks for your favourite sex position on your first meet instead of asking about your position with God.
    125. #Bozo sees nothing wrong in demanding for unlimited sex from you when you have made him your provider instead of Jehovah.
    126. #Bozo is the one who finally had sex with you after you gave him a tough time but he then dumps you and moves on.
    127. #Bozo is an impostor who came to church disguised as a Christian, who after dumping u makes u say ALL Christians are bad.
    128. #Bozo is a guy who marries u cos u are a good home-keeper but is addicted to d sex from his ex-girlfriend he wouldn’t marry
    129. #Bozo is typically more romantic than #Boaz because he knows that’s what will suck you in so he can lay you and dump you.
    130. #Bozo is extremely stimulating in his convos and can trigger your hormones and sex drive using smooth and silky words.
    131. #Bozo exhibits a wide variety of knowledge in secular matters that he uses to con you cos you label yourself as sapiosexual.
    132. #Bozos typically have smoother raps than #Boaz but #Bozos don’t have the spirit of God and their plans for you are wicked..
    133. #Bozo has friends who operate under the “Bro Code”. They always corroborate his lies to deceive you.
    134. #Bozo can set up his entire community of friends to stage a lie that will deceive you into a sham relationship.
    135. #Bozo could be a married man pretending to be single or divorced so he can con you into sex with a fake marriage proposal.
    136. #Bozo now uses the vehicle of social media to serially harvest women like you, desperate to marry, for his sexual flings.
    137. #Bozo has already run through 4 ladies on Twitter but ur haste to marry blinds u from inquiring about him.
    138. #Bozo cons you to believe he is single and arranges your sex visits to his expensive family mansion when they are away.
    139. #Bozo skilfully hides his family away from the social networks in order to project an eligible bachelor profile to you.
    140. Don’t think the nudes you sent to #Bozo are private. He’s wicked. He shows his friends to show you off as conquest.
    141. Sleeping with #Bozo isn’t worth it. #Bozo isn’t quiet about laying you. He shares the info with his friends on the networks.
    142. My sister, don’t come under the delusion that u have what it takes to transform a #Bozo when u are under pressure to marry
    143. Sister, don’t cover up for #Bozo because you are desperate. Toss him in the bin and let God bring you your God-fearing #Boaz.
    144. Sister, Ur effort to privately evangelise #Bozo won’t work. U can’t preach d gospel to a man working his way between ur legs.
    145. Sister, your virginity or chastity mean nothing to #Bozo. He will gladly con you out of it and run away.
    146. Sister, it isn’t the lady on 42nd street alone that is a harlot. Anything done in exchange for sex is technically harlotry.
    147. When you receive affection or attention or cash or smartphones for the sex you give to a #Bozo, it’s harlotry.
    148. When #Bozo wants more sex, he threatens an emotional withdrawal. You fret and then beg him to come have sex for affection.
    149. My sister, any man who cannot wait and also abstain from all sex till wedding night is a #Bozo. Don’t succumb to him.
    150. #Bozo doesn’t hang around too long if you keep your legs closed and refuse to buy into his sex before marriage ideology.
    151. Your inheritance from God is great. Don’t squander or forfeit it cos of a #Bozo who will still dump or cheat u.
    152. Sister, all these tweets are to help you identify #Bozo so you don’t fall prey to him. Jesus loves and died for every #Bozo.
    153. Holy Ghost can turn any #Bozo into a #Boaz. Sister, it ain’t your job. Doing Holy Ghost’s job will bring you frustration.
    154. This clip contains 3 ways you can tell if a dude wanting to marry you is a #Bozo or a #Boaz.
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3 responses to “Soul Ties 29 – How to spot a Bozo you should not date or marry #SoulTies

  1. dan

    February 10, 2015 at 7:44 pm

    I cherish no 76 very very much,a lady should be able to stand on her no, guyz will come with sweet sugar-coated mouth, once she can say no and wait on the Lord Bozo won’t be able to have her. God bless me,God bless you

  2. Gbemi

    November 15, 2015 at 1:07 pm

    Thank you for helping millions of people like me all over the world. You are a rare voice needed at a time like this.May God Continue to bless increase and enlarge you and all that is yours,and may the ministry committed into your care continue to flourish Sir.

    • Sola Adio

      November 15, 2015 at 1:15 pm

      Thanks a lot for your goodwill and prayers. Very grateful.


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