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#PushRelationshipGroup starting soon

#PushRelationshipGroup starting soon

PRG - Blue

Welcome to our brand-new relationship group codenamed PUSH Relationship Group (PRG). This group provides a forum for all our social media followers to interact and it will also be our relationship mentoring platform. This will give us more freedom to delve into deeper relationship subjects that we cannot treat on open Twitter. This will also provide a social interaction platform for those who follow my teachings. Two people who follow my teachings closely met on my Twitter platform in September, they got engaged in December and they are marrying in a couple of months from now.

Please let us join hands together to build this group and set a Godly example and precedent to our generation in the area of relationships and family life.

Membership of the group is FREE.

We will be using 3 apps for this. Telegram, Zoom and Mixlr. Download links are provided below. Download and get them set up ASAP to all your devices to join our new life changing group taking off shortly.

Please download Zoom to your devices and set it up

Please download Mixlr to your devices and set it up with a username of your choice Then search for “PUSHRELATIONSHIPGROUP” and follow us.

Please download Telegram to your devices and set it up with a username of your choice (e.g. @JoeBlogg)


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