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Soul Ties 14

Welcome to #SoulTies 14. In #SoulTies 13, we looked at the the first step to weaning ourselves off #SoulTies left behind by past relationships. The first step is by prayer and the Word of God. Now in #SoulTies 14, we look at destroying relics and ceasing social media contact with people from old relationships that can constitute a stumbling block in our walk with God.

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#SoulTies 14 starts shortly.

1. Good evening y’all. #SoulTies 14 starts now. Hope you all had a great weekend so far.

2. I want to state that we are not here to condemn anyone or stigmatize anyone who has repeatedly fallen into sin due to #SoulTies

3. We are here to expose #SoulTies as the works of the enemy that the blood of Jesus has been shed to purge us from.

4. I also want to say that this isn’t a motivational broadcast but the gospel of Jesus Christ. #SoulTies

5. We are looking at this from the standard of the Word of God and no less. No compromise. #SoulTies

6. The flesh finds the Word and the Spirit of God unbearable but we cannot dilute the message. #SoulTies

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11. 4 weeks ago, we started looking at how to recover from a broken relationship. We looked into our commitment to God. #SoulTies

12. This week, we are still looking into how to wean ourselves off #SoulTies left behind by previous relationships.

13. We finish with steps 2 & 3 this week. #SoulTies

14. Step 2 is destroying the idols & foreign gods you picked up in that relationship. #SoulTies

15. Step 3 is ceasing all social media & physical contact especially if d relationship was sexual. #SoulTies

16. In case you joined the party late, please check out for past issues of #SoulTies

17. 2nd step is to destroy the relics and the foreign gods left behind by this ex partner. #SoulTies

18. God always warned the Israelites to destroy and burn the idols of all their enemy nations. #SoulTies

19. Your enemy is satan and he uses these relationships to plant idols into your life. #SoulTies

20. Idols are physical representation of false gods. In modern days, we also have idols. #SoulTies

21. Those gifts from your ex u hide behind your wardrobe to bring out to worship are your gods. #SoulTies

22. Ex 34:13 But ye shall destroy their altars, break their images, and cut down their groves: #SoulTies

23. Ex 34:14 For thou shalt worship no other god:for the Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God: #SoulTies

24. Everything in your house that your ex gave u that reminds u of him must be sold or given away. #SoulTies

25. Some people turn relics from previous relationships into idols in their homes that can’t be touched. #SoulTies

26. Anything you keep in your life that God cannot ask for is an idol. Even God asked Isaac from Abraham. #SoulTies

27. There are physical relics such as rings, jewellery, teddy bears, etc. #SoulTies

28. Why would you hang on to those idols if you are preparing for a new relationship. #SoulTies

29. A dude once married wearing his ex-gf’s ring on the right at his wedding. Today, he’s now married to his ex-gf. #SoulTies

30. The lady who was his first wife wasn’t aware of this message of #SoulTies, else she wouldn’t have bothered marrying him.

31. The man couldn’t fully connect with his first wife cos he retained an idol planted by his ex-gf. #SoulTies

32. Bro, watch out for ladies with relics from old relationships. It’s an indication of unfinished business. #SoulTies

33. You need to de-clutter your house and life of relics left behind by old relationships. #SoulTies

34. Why is de-cluttering necessary? What you constantly observe will eventually affect you. #SoulTies

35. You constantly observe that teddy bear from Chike while you are marrying Tunde, something will go wrong. #SoulTies

36. Haven’t you noticed that most convicted sex offenders today are watchers of porn movies? #SoulTies

37. Whatever idol you retain in your life for constant observation will eventually corrupt your life. #SoulTies

38. There are also mental and emotional relics. Just in case, you think you have escaped. #SoulTies

39. You still use names from your past broken relationships as passwords on your computer systems. #SoulTies

40. Please change all the passwords that bear the name of any ex to something sensible & meaningful. #SoulTies

41. There is a perfume he bought you. Now it’s run out. You go get the same perfume just to keep him alive. #SoulTies

42. If that perfume makes you remember the so-called ‘good times’ you had, just switch to another one. #SoulTies

43. U visited some places together. While you are still sore, please go somewhere else for now till you are healed. #SoulTies

44. All these relics that you cling on to from broken relationships produce either of 2 emotional responses. #SoulTies

45. They either produce an emotion of grief or an emotion of cherished thoughts. They are both #SoulTies

46. I almost forgot. Those letters need to go as well. They are harmful to your spiritual life. #SoulTies

47. Those letters either produce emotions of anger and grief or emotions of a cherished loss. They r both #SoulTies

48. Relics affect you in two ways. 1) They cripple your ability to connect to God in true worship. #SoulTies

49. 2) They affect your ability to also connect properly in subsequent relationships cos u have baggage. #SoulTies

50. Ladies, u may find yourself in a vicious circle of broken relationships if you don’t destroy these idols. #SoulTies

51. A deceitful man can easily spot these relics & fake a relationship with u cos he knows ur weak point. #SoulTies

52. A smart but sincere man on seeing these relics u cling to, will move on and not bother you. #SoulTies

53. You then end up being broken into by 5 serial cheats in 2 years and u conclude that ‘All men are bad’. #SoulTies

54. When I see tweets like ‘All men are bad’, I say to myself ‘here comes one who lacks emotional intelligence’ #SoulTies

55. Call me old fashioned for attacking your relics. But your results prove me right. #SoulTies

56. Things u haven’t seen for the last 2 years have lesser influence on u than ones u kept seeing for the last 2 years. #SoulTies

57. There is no vacuum in the spirit realm. Things u expel from ur life must be replaced. With what? #SoulTies

58. The Word of God. The best thing u can do to yourself is setting your love on the things of God. #SoulTies

59. That highest place in your thoughts and life you gave to that cheat was originally meant for Jesus and His Word. #SoulTies

60. It’s all for your good. You are a Christian wanting to marry, do u know 3 scriptures about marriage? Can u quote them? #SoulTies

61. You are a Christian wanting to marry. Do you know anything about the bible you can teach your kids? #SoulTies

62. You are a Christian wanting to marry. Have you ever fasted and prayed over this issue for one day? #SoulTies

63. All your study material on marriage is made up of stuff authored by angry women who never got it right with theirs. #SoulTies

64. Do you know what God’s mind about marriage is from the bible? Have you ever read one Christian book about marriage?  #SoulTies

65. In the last 5 tweets, I have given u a spiritual assignment u must do so u don’t say ‘Yes’ again to another Bozo. #SoulTies

66. Christian ladies waste precious time feeding on silly emotional material that equates to ‘spiritual junk food’. #SoulTies

67. Christian ladies know more Hollywood names than bible names. No wonder u get raided by crooks so frequently. #SoulTies

68. The whole aim of flushing out relics is to dethrone that man or woman u equated to God & enthrone Jesus Christ. #SoulTies

69. Christian men consumed with the pursuit of gold at the expense of God lack spiritual backbone to lead families. #SoulTies

70. When you lack spiritual backbone as a man, you are not fit to lead a woman whose heart is after God. You are a Bozo. #SoulTies

71. Before u pull ur swords,I’m neither dull nor lazy. Wrote a top iPhone/iPad app in 2 weeks.Yet,that’s no replacement for God #SoulTies

72. Marriages in church are weak today because spiritually spineless men & women are marrying. #SoulTies

73. Sisters, if you want to know God’s definition of a strong man, read 1 John 2:13-14. #SoulTies

74. Those cheats that raided you in the past. Do they fit God’s profile of a strong man in 1 John 2:13-14. #SoulTies

75. The exit of this man or woman should be used as an opportunity to strengthen yourself spiritually. #SoulTies

76. Do u have the backbone to say No to that Bozo if God says No, even if he kneels down offering you Bugatti keys? #SoulTies

77. Last step for today is cutting off contact especially social media contact. #SoulTies

78. Genesis 3:1 Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field… #SoulTies

79. Satan is very subtle and he operates by deception. If he came with horns you’ll recognise him fast and kick him out. #SoulTies

80. Eve fell for his deception. How? Cos she was very curious about what would happen if she ate the fruit. #SoulTies

81. When Moses wanted to lead Israel out of Egypt, Pharaoh tried to negotiate with Moses. #SoulTies

82. How? By saying to Moses, u can go but leave your flocks behind and don’t go too far. Ex 10:24-25 #SoulTies

83. You can see straightaway that this is a stupid proposal but most women of a simpe mind fall for this old trick. #SoulTies

84. Third scripture to back my point is Genesis 19:26. #SoulTies

85. Genesis 19:26 But his wife looked back from behind him, and she became a pillar of salt. #SoulTies

86. Lot’s wife. She looked back and she became a pillar of salt. Still happens today spiritually. #SoulTies

87. What God has for you in life is in front of you and not behind you. U stagnate when u keep looking back. #SoulTies

88. I was asked if after a breakup, social media contact should be indulged in. I said NO. It’s no rocket science. #SoulTies

89. Reasons abound that can fill a book. We will take just a few cos of our time. #SoulTies

90. Relationship experts estimate that 62% of ex’s who got in touch on FB also got in bed to fornicate. #SoulTies

91. It is deception to think that maintaining a tiny link with an old flame is harmless for you. You may end up in bed. #SoulTies

92. That boy u caught cheating, now saying to you, let’s keep in touch on FB is a son of Pharaoh negotiating your destiny. #SoulTies

93. Pharaoh negotiates to keep you bound in slavery and you deceive yourself like Eve to think that you are mature. #SoulTies

94. Every time you look back, you are like Lot’s wife & you stop yourself from getting to a the place God has for you. #SoulTies

95. Most male ex’s you shacked up with, never get tired of the sex so they deceive u to keep lines open. #SoulTies

96. Bro, u are no more in relationship with her. You can’t remain her problem solver. Cut all ties and go your way. #SoulTies

97. Instead of worshipping Jesus first thing in the morning, you go check ur ex’s Twitter TL. U surely need deliverance. #SoulTies

98. For you to be genuinely free after a breakup, phone, text, social media contact must cease. U’ll thank me later for this. #SoulTies

99. If you don’t unfollow & block all your ex’s it may come back to haunt you when u want to marry. #SoulTies

100. Your marriage can be attacked by an ex who got information from your TL when status changed. #SoulTies

101. If you have baggage from past break ups, unfollow & block all the affected people or just even leave social media. #SoulTies

102. If you are emotionally vulnerable, you MUST block them off completely. No negotiation allowed else they’ll trap you. #SoulTies

103. Wanting to just read or hear from or hear about an old flame means you are still soul-tied & bound. #SoulTies

104. You must have the backbone to say to your ex’s to stay away then follow through by blocking them. #SoulTies

105. If you don’t block the ex’s & severe those #SoulTies, u will keep returning to your vomit like a dog. #SoulTies

106. You can’t connect properly with your husband if you still keep an eye on your ex-bf’s TL. Technically, u are cheating. #SoulTies

107. Bro, u r now married. What are u looking for on that ex’s TL every morning? U should be worshipping God at this time. #SoulTies

108. TL stalking is 4 jobless people who have refused to move on with their lives. Get busy with something productive. #SoulTies

109. You need to wean yourself of his caring telephone voice. He’s now history so get over it. #SoulTies

110. Your taste for that ex must die today in Jesus name. It’s history and don’t let your history come to crash your future. #SoulTies

111. I have zero tolerance for sustained contact with ex’s. U likely turn out to be a schizophrenic if you don’t stop. #SoulTies

112. If you don’t cut those ex’s off, u only indicate u are not serious about going far with God from Egypt. #SoulTies

113. If you don’t forsake these sinful old flames, you can’t go very far with God into His plan for your life. #SoulTies

114. If you are still addicted to your ex’s TL, read #SoulTies 13 and follow the instructions there about prayers & words. #SoulTies

115. Hope y’all still love me after this. Anyway, I came to speak the truth and not to impress so just get over it. #SoulTies

116. I want to take a rest from tweeting next Sunday and we’ll catch up again in Jan 2014. #SoulTies

117. Who is up for a Google+ hangout next Sunday? Please hook up with me on Google+. #SoulTies

118. I am looking to host an interactive session where you can ask questions or share ur testimonies about #SoulTies

119. If we don’t get to meet on the hangout, I’m wishing you a #SoulTies free Christmas and 2014.

120. Please if you have been blessed by the #SoulTies series, please tweet at me using #SoulTies hashtag.

121. A big thank you to all my friends out there on Twitter. You all rock! Always want to hang out with you. #SoulTies

122. I look forward to hearing from you and rejoicing with you over what God is doing in your life through #SoulTies series

123. On behalf of Moni & Iyanu, I wish you a great Christmas & a happy 2014 loaded with blessings & favour. #SoulTies.

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