Let Us Learn a Lesson From Turkey – God is Waiting on You to Stand in the Gap & Intercede for Your Country.

02 Aug

EndTimes stuff

End-Time Musings

Hello all, I trust your week has been lovely. The Lord is your strength & the lifter of your head. It is well with you & yours in Jesus’ Name.

I have just listened to this all important sound clip and I could not sleep (as tired as I was) until I had listened to the very end.

Brethen, there is FIRE ON THE ROOFTOP, WE CANNOT AFFORD TO GO TO BED IN THIS STATE……..!!!! This is NOT a joke anymore, we have a wake up call here…… and God is waiting on you & I to rise up as End-time intercessors and PRAY FOR THE PEACE OF OUR JERUSALEM (Psalms 122:6). Please, I beg you for Christ’s sake, take time to listen to this sound clip – I understand people are very busy – BUT THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT & VERY URGENT – the future of our country (whichever…

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