#SoulTies Intro Course (Day 4 – Sexual #SoulTies)

04 Aug
#SoulTies Intro Course (Day 4 – Sexual #SoulTies)







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Welcome to Day 4 of #SoulTies Intro Course. Today we look at your sexual #SoulTies. Pls follow @SoulTiesTweets

  1. Today, we are discussing sex & #SoulTies. Terminology may be very graphic and detailed so please bear with us.
  2. Gen 1:28 and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it and have dominion #SoulTies
  3. God said they should multiply (that can only happen by sex) and then have dominion. Your sexuality is tied to dominion. #SoulTies
  4. God designed this sex to only happen between husband and wife. #SoulTies
  5. Because dominion is tied to sex, if God doesn’t have control over your sexuality, then He has no control over your life. #SoulTies
  6. God marked Abraham in the area of his sexuality before he began to do serious business with him. #SoulTies
  7. Sister, please don’t do any relationship business with any man whose sexuality isn’t marked by God. aka Chastity #SoulTies
  8. 1st reason God gave sex was for consummation of the marriage covenant between man and woman. #SoulTies
  9. His original purpose was that only one man was to ever penetrate his wife sexually in her entire lifetime. #SoulTies
  10. Consummation by sex was to bind their souls in the deepest possible way. #SoulTies
  11. Then you have a marriage covenant. Their blood mixes together and their souls become tied. How do I know this? #SoulTies
  12. The life of d flesh or d soul is in d blood. So when you pour your blood anywhere, you are pouring out your life & soul. #SoulTies
  13. In sex, you exchange fluids with your partner. Your fluids convey your blood. Hence, you share blood in sex. #SoulTies
  14. So when you have sex and share blood, you exchange fragments of your souls with each other and STRONG #SoulTies are formed.
  15. When u have sex with one u are not married to u create confusion in d spirit realm because u are celebrating a marriage. #SoulTies
  16. U slept with 40 girls & u married the 41st one, u have married 41 people in the spirit realm and tied your souls to them. #SoulTies
  17. 30 men slept with you and then you settled for the 31st, in the spirit realm u have had 31 marriages. How does that sound? #SoulTies
  18. Lady, whoever lays u is your head. If 40 people do, then you have 40 heads and you become a freak who cant focus. #SoulTies
  19. Virginity is something VERY precious to God. If you keep it till wedding night, you celebrate marriage Gods preferred way. #SoulTies
  20. If u are not a virgin, we still cool. Its not the end of the world but don’t beef the people who still have theirs intact. #SoulTies
  21. There is no such thing as safe sex.There is only saved sex.Saved sex is only in marriage.Others are unsafe & I’ll prove it. #SoulTies
  22. When Adam had sex with Eve his wife, the bible says he knew his wife. When Lots daughters slept with him, they were laid. #SoulTies
  23. Ladies: sex in marriage, your husband knew you. Sex outside marriage, you only got laid. They don’t sound the same. #SoulTies
  24. When you go around laying with men or women or men and women you pick up bad stuff & leave bad stuff behind #SoulTies
  25. When Lot’s daughters laid with him, they produced 2 sons. Moab & Ammon. These are 2 products of fornication. Right? #SoulTies
  26. 2Chron 20:10-11. Please can u read & tell me the countries that wanted to rob Israel of their inheritance? #SoulTies
  27. The countries that rose to trouble Israel on the verge of their inheritance were Moab & Ammon & Seir. #SoulTies
  28. Satan assigns d Moabites & Ammonites of your past (products of fornication) to buffet you when u enter your inheritance. #SoulTies
  29. A few other things happen when you fornicate as in lay with person you are not married to. Iíll quickly run through them. #SoulTies
  30. 1) You enter the spirit realm illegally when you fornicate as in you marry that person in the spirit realm. #SoulTies
  31. So when you shack up with 10 people, you have celebrated marriage with 10 people illegally in the spirit realm. #SoulTies
  32. 2) You join yourself to the spirit of harlotry. What is harlotry? #SoulTies
  33. Harlot is bible word for fancy words like hoe, slut & whore. U pick up d demon of harlotry in fornication. I Cor 6:15-20 #SoulTies
  34. 3) You become a weapon in satan’s arsenal. You leave ugly stuff behind and you pick up ugly stuff to transfer on. #SoulTies
  35. U are a weapon in satan’s arsenal when you lay around with folks cos you carry sexual diseases from person to person. #SoulTies
  36. U are a weapon in satan’s arsenal when you lay around with folks cos you transfer demons around if you missed d diseases. #SoulTies
  37. 4) When you have sex with a person, you exchange your souls and tie your souls together. #SoulTies
  38. This then makes relationship breakups very traumatic cos the strongest #SoulTies are formed through sex. #SoulTies
  39. Moving on from Genevieve becomes very difficult cos none of the next 3 girls give sex that is as good as Genevieve’s. #SoulTies
  40. Now you are married but you still crave for sex with Genevieve cos she provides a better experience than your virgin wife. #SoulTies
  41. 5) When you fornicate you enter into whoredom.What is whoredom? The domain or dominion of the whore. #SoulTies
  42. The domain or dominion of the whore is a place where the whore is in control of you through having sex with her. #SoulTies
  43. People perish in Hosea 4:6 because they lacked a knowledge of what happened in Hosea 4:12. #SoulTies
  44. In Hosea 4:12. They erred by entering into the control or the dominion of the whore through illegal sexual activity. #SoulTies
  45. 2 men came under the domination of whores and let’s see what happened to them as a result. #SoulTies
  46. Men: Please bear in mind that you come under the dominion of the whore through your unbridled sexual appetite. #SoulTies
  47. Samson lied down on Delilah’s laps and got his hair cut in the devil’s barber shop. Oops! #SoulTies
  48. Samson was anointed 2 deliver Israel but wasted the anointing trying to sort his own personal life out. #SoulTies
  49. What happened to Samson in whore’s domain? 3 things. Demons of slumber, vexation and delusion got him. #SoulTies
  50. 1) His soul was vexed. Vexation means oppression. Delilah continued to oppress him through his unbridled sexual appetite. #SoulTies
  51. Delilah tried so much to get him to do what he shouldn’t do. That’s vexation and oppression. #SoulTies
  52. In vexation, the whore you are sleeping with makes silly demands on your resources and that’s how they rule you. #SoulTies
  53. Vexation is when your mistress calls you at 10pm and insists you should come over when really want to be with your family. #SoulTies
  54. After vexation is 2) Spirit of slumber. You no longer want to worship God the way you used to. No bible reading or prayer. #SoulTies
  55. Ur spiritual senses are suspended when you are under the dominion of the whore. Satan strikes best when you r asleep. #SoulTies
  56. 3) The spirit of delusion. You become deluded spiritually when you are sold to sexual sin. Samson became deluded. #SoulTies
  57. He tried to shake himself like before but didn’t realise spirit of God was gone because he was deluded. #SoulTies
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  59. For the full scoop of equal #SoulTies, please check out my comprehensive post on this.
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