#SoulTies Intro Course (Day 3 – #SoulTies & Your Associations)

04 Aug
#SoulTies Intro Course (Day 3 – #SoulTies & Your Associations)







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Welcome to Day 3 of #SoulTies Intro Course. Today we look at your closest associations and #SoulTies. Pls follow @SoulTiesTweets

  1. Last night we started looking at emotional #SoulTies. We continue today and hope to knock the door into sexual. #SoulTies
  2. As is our custom, we will start by reading the scriptures and then start moving swiftly through the gears. #SoulTies
  3. Ephesians 2:3a “Among whom also we all had our conversation in times past in the lusts of our flesh…” #SoulTies
  4. “… fulfilling the desires of the flesh & of the mind; & were by nature d children of wrath, even as others.” #SoulTies
  5. We see from the scripture that Paul said that we developed our #SoulTies in association with other children of disobedience.
  6. Tonight we are sharing on #SoulTies you developed and sharpened with your friends in the world. They are very destructive.
  7. If u look at your life today & u find any bad habits, u will also find people in your life with whom u practice them. #SoulTies
  8. Habits aka #SoulTies r rarely practiced in isolation. Smokers usually go downstairs in packs to smoke together. They rarely go alone.
  9. A friend of mine said she didn’t know her #SoulTies so I should figure out what they are. #SoulTies
  10. I said if I lived in her house for a week I’ll figure out her #SoulTies. You’ll instantly think I’ll go there to watch her. No!!
  11. I’ll be watching her friends. Your friends tell me who you are because you fraternise on the basis of #SoulTies. It’s that simple!
  12. Geeks fraternise with geeks. Drug addicts fraternise with drug addicts. Holy people fraternise with holy people. #SoulTies
  13. Prostitutes fraternise with prostitutes. Alcoholics fraternise with alcoholics. Musicians fraternise with musicians. #SoulTies
  14. Spiritually serious people fraternise with spiritually serious people. Womanisers fraternise with womanisers. #SoulTies
  15. Who are the people you love to be with or you feel most comfortable being with? That tells us what your #SoulTies are.
  16. I tell singles to keep an eye on who their date has as closest friends. They reflect the real him not what he’s showing u. #SoulTies
  17. I can accurately predict your future by observing your friends. You may pretend to me but your friends show who you are. #SoulTies
  18. In addition to seeking spiritual deliverance from #SoulTies habits, the associations that brought you there must be TERMINATED.
  19. Over 12 years ago, a friend of mine coughed strangely on the phone. I knew that cough because I used to smoke in Egypt. #SoulTies
  20. It was a smoker’s cough. She’s saved & she sang in the choir. I confronted her and she owned up to doing a packet a day. #SoulTies
  21. She said she wanted to be out of it so I figured out quick there must be a group. I asked if her best 3 friends smoked. #SoulTies
  22. Answer was YES for all 3. In fact they all lived together & all sang in d choir. Their boyfriends also attended same church #SoulTies
  23. I told her that deliverance would come by her moving out of that house first. No use wasting time tongue talking there. #SoulTies
  24. Dangerous sexual habits are hardly developed as lone wolves. They are mostly developed with friends of like minds. #SoulTies
  25. Most smokers and alcoholics were introduced to those addictions by friends. Others by intense remote observation. #SoulTies
  26. 1 Corinthians 15:33 “Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.” #SoulTies
  27. Ur efforts at deliverance and discipline fall apart like a cheap 2 dollar suitcase if ur evil associations remain intact. #SoulTies
  28. Many sincere & well meaning Christians never reach their full potential because of d #SoulTies they practice with evil associations.
  29. If your 3 friends boast of how many girls they have been with this month, soon you’ll find one to be with the same way! #SoulTies
  30. If u don’t do same, you can’t measure up to the standard of that group. So u either emulate them or vote with your feet. #SoulTies
  31. Ladies, your turn. Your 3 closest friends described what they did with their boyfriends last weekend. You don’t have any. #SoulTies
  32. Next week, you’ll give in to a guy who’s been nagging you or you’ll vote with your feet out of that association. #SoulTies
  33. Alcoholics boast about the pints they can consume before getting smashed. Men don’t like being inferior so they drink on #SoulTies
  34. If you have a sex addiction, you MUST cut off completely from the sex partner and your pressure group who practice same. #SoulTies
  35. Same with alcohol, drugs and porn. You must terminate those relationships that brought you into those addictions. #SoulTies
  36. You are not to hang in there trying to convince them to come with you. If you want to be free, you flee. #SoulTies
  37. This is in addition to renewing your mind with God’s Word and also removing your eye gates from these addictions. #SoulTies
  38. If you want to beat a sex problem you need to cancel your subscription to the porn channels. #SoulTies
  39. Lot and his wife saw nothing wrong in Sodom & Gomorrah because they had stayed too long there watching the wrong gay porn. #SoulTies
  40. You are a virgin. Don’t make those who have no value for chastity your closest friends. They’ll talk you out of chastity. #SoulTies
  41. You are more likely to arrive your desired destination if you forsake evil associations that breed #SoulTies  in your life.
  42. These #SoulTies also need to be starved to death by cutting their supplies to your eye gates. Very important. #SoulTies
  43. You know the areas where satan has continually buffeted you. Relocate yourself away from your partners in crime. #SoulTies
  44. I was so messed up before I got saved that I moved in with the fellowship leaders for 2 weeks to cut my evil associations. #SoulTies
  45. As a result, I grew very fast as a Christian. Got my first convert after 2 weeks. Taught in a church service after 2 years. #SoulTies
  46. You cannot progress with God making sinners your Immediate strongest influences. Read Psalms 1:1-3 #SoulTies
  47. You cannot become the best pilot in the world hanging out with bodybuilders. It doesn’t work that way. #SoulTies
  48. The sexual #SoulTies are worse. You just can’t hang out with sex addicts if you want to be free. You must LEAVE. #SoulTies
  49. If you hang out with people who talk profane, ultimately your mind will become profane. #SoulTies
  50. We have upheld the role of the renewal of mind in the process of beating #SoulTies but if you don’t relocate as well, you’ll fail.
  51. Your continual rubbing of minds & joint practice with experts in that area of #SoulTies will frustrate your efforts to be free.
  52. There are some #SoulTies that are practiced in deep secrecy by people. These are equally dangerous. Porn habits and masturbation.
  53. Cousins, siblings, friends practice certain #SoulTies under a pact of secrecy. But I have news for you. #SoulTies
  54. Proverbs 9:17: “Stolen waters are sweet, and bread eaten in secret is pleasant.” #SoulTies
  55. Proverbs 9:18: “But he knoweth not that the dead are there; and that her guests are in the depths of hell.” #SoulTies
  56. Proverbs 20:17: “Bread of deceit is sweet to a man; but afterwards his mouth shall be filled with gravel.” #SoulTies
  57. These #SoulTies include porn, masturbation habits etc shared with your very tightest of friends with whom u share a pact of secrecy.
  58. Those are dangerous #SoulTies that involve secret pacts. They taste sweet to those who practice them but fill your mouth with gravel.
  59. Forbidden love may be sweet but it will fill your mouth with gravel ultimately. It will fill your heart with pain. #SoulTies
  60. We come to the end of Day 3 of #SoulTies intro course. Pls retweet all today’s tweets and use to ask questions



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Your servant in Christ
Olusola Adio



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