Getting rid of #SoulTies from an Ex

03 Dec
Getting rid of #SoulTies from an Ex


Welcome to #WhenSinglesGather. I thank Pastor Mrs Grace Festus-Alao for the invite she extended to me to share on #WhenSinglesGather on 23-Nov-2014. I shared on how you can get rid of #SoulTies left behind after a breakup with an ex.





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Welcome to “Breaking #SoulTies from an ex” #WhenSinglesGather

  • Many thanks to @grace_festus for the invite. Hope you guys have had a swell time so far on #WhenSinglesGather
  • @grace_festus is a woman of God passionate about impacting the youth of this generation with timeless truths. #WhenSinglesGather
  • And I count it a privilege to be invited to this forum to share with you on #WhenSinglesGather
  • @grace_festus has requested that I tweet on how to break #SoulTies with an ex after a breakup. #WhenSinglesGather
  • This covers all relationships/affairs that are no longer operational and are no longer being contemplated. #WhenSinglesGather
  • I always get asked by people getting to meet me for the first time “What do you mean by #SoulTies?” #WhenSinglesGather
  • I’ll give 3 quick definitions of #SoulTies that will prepare you for the rest of the tweet cast. #WhenSinglesGather
  • A soul-tie is simply the captivation of your soul; (emotion and will and mind) by another person or thing. #WhenSinglesGather
  • A soul-tie is also simply the attachment of your soul; (emotion and will and mind) to another person or thing. #WhenSinglesGather
  • A soul-tie exists when there are things or people you can’t just say NO to, when you should be saying NO to them. #WhenSinglesGather
  • Please visit for a #SoulTies primer. #WhenSinglesGather
  • Simply stated, wrong #SoulTies are wrong emotional bonds or connections that unite you with someone else. #WhenSinglesGather
  • When these relationships were in progress, loads of wrong #SoulTies were developed through 3 main activities. #WhenSinglesGather
  • These 3 main activities that stand out are sex, plenty of time spent together and verbal commitments. #WhenSinglesGather
  • Of all these, the strongest and most addictive #SoulTies were formed through sexual activities. #WhenSinglesGather
  • Please review my tweet cast here to learn about the full ramifications of sexual #SoulTies #WhenSinglesGather
  • Now that these relationships are history, they left their awkward #SoulTies debris behind in your mind. #WhenSinglesGather
  • These residual #SoulTies are memories and cravings left behind as withdrawal symptoms. #WhenSinglesGather
  • Some of these residual #SoulTies torment you both mentally and emotionally long after the partner is gone. #WhenSinglesGather
  • Satan knows that the man/woman is gone but the #SoulTies are left behind to stunt your progress. #WhenSinglesGather
  • With these #SoulTies still in force even after d person is gone & relationship broken, there are 2 major effects. #WhenSinglesGather
  • One is that you feel incomplete now that he/she is no longer present in your daily life. #WhenSinglesGather
  • Second is that you cannot concentrate on anything productive including the worship of God. #WhenSinglesGather
  • Why? Cos in addition to your spirit, you need a wholesome mind and soul to function successfully. #WhenSinglesGather
  • Hannah prayed in 1 Samuel 1:15 and poured out her soul before The Lord. She got a miracle baby. #WhenSinglesGather
  • You cannot pour out your whole soul before The Lord when a half of it is with Kunle or Jennifer. #WhenSinglesGather
  • It feels like he/she went away with a part of u & u always crave to have him or her back else u will break down. #WhenSinglesGather
  • U pick up your phone & keep looking at his pictures wishing he never dumped u. He’s like cocaine to your systems. #WhenSinglesGather
  • Ur phone rings & u entertain the fantasies that he’s the one calling to say he’s sorry & that he’s back. Naa! #WhenSinglesGather
  • Ur door bell rings & you wish he’s d one there with a bunch of flowers & chocolates coming back to say ‘Sorry’. #WhenSinglesGather
  • It means he or she still has a part of your soul and that’s dangerous for your spiritual & mental health. #WhenSinglesGather
  • The relationships that leave the worst debris behind are the sexual ones. #WhenSinglesGather
  • Most men ‘recover quickly’ from these because they locate new sex partners ASAP and business as usual continues. #WhenSinglesGather
  • The men who don’t recover quickly are those who either intended to marry or got conned out of their money. #WhenSinglesGather
  • Another group of men who don’t recover quickly are those who got dumped by ladies for richer or foreign based men. #WhenSinglesGather
  • Most women don’t recover very quickly cos they were more emotionally involved than men in these relationships. #WhenSinglesGather
  • This then leads some women to launch into a series of actions that can cause collateral damage on both of them #WhenSinglesGather
  • That could be what inspired the saying “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” when jilted women go ballistic. #WhenSinglesGather
  • You then mount guard over your ex-lover’s TL to check if he has found love elsewhere.#WhenSinglesGather
  • Sadly, this happens with men & women of all ages and creed. In church and on the streets. #WhenSinglesGather
  • Monitoring an ex’s TL is now big business among heartbroken men and women in the 21st century. #WhenSinglesGather
  • Instead of worshipping Jesus first thing in the morning, u check ex’s Twitter TL to see if he’s chatting a girl. #WhenSinglesGather
  • Ur ex turns on his engagement status on FB and u start stalking on the open internet to destroy proposed wedding. #WhenSinglesGather
  • U then make it a mission to go defile his/her marriage by luring him/her sexually to get one over the new spouse. ##WhenSinglesGather
  • You have never imagined a future better than being with him, now that he’s gone, your whole world is fallen apart. #WhenSinglesGather
  • U can hardly get the thoughts of ur ex out of ur mind. Either thoughts of resentment or thoughts of a comeback. #WhenSinglesGather
  • What this means is that he/she has ‘fingerprinted’ your soul. Your soul now bears his/her imprint. #WhenSinglesGather
  • What happens when shoppers fingerprint a bread loaf so deeply on the store shelf? #WhenSinglesGather
  • No one would want to buy a loaf that has been visibly fingerprinted. Same happens emotionally #WhenSinglesGather
  • How do I know u are fingerprinted? When u tell me that I am about to hurt u like he did, just out of paranoia. #WhenSinglesGather
  • How do I know u are fingerprinted? Your ex gave you a teddy bear that no one in your house must ever unsettle. #WhenSinglesGather
  • How do I know u are fingerprinted? When his/her name comes up in all your convos with your new date. #WhenSinglesGather
  • How do I know u are fingerprinted? U still crave for his phone call just to hear his voice that sounds therapeutic. #WhenSinglesGather
  • How do I know u are fingerprinted? When u are always super eager to tell us on twitter how that he/she was a jerk. #WhenSinglesGather
  • How do we then recover from these #SoulTies and how do we get these fingerprints off? #WhenSinglesGather
  • Step 1 is FORGIVENESS. If you don’t forgive all that has been said or done, you can’t move forward. #WhenSinglesGather
  • The bible says in Rom 8:6 that For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life & peace. #WhenSinglesGather
  • To be carnally minded means to be in the flesh moving with the mindset of one who has never met Christ. #WhenSinglesGather
  • To be spiritually minded means to have your mindset regulated and controlled with the Words of God. #WhenSinglesGather
  • The base human reaction is u have a right to be bitter & to wish or implement that bitterness in d form of revenge. #WhenSinglesGather
  • Retaining bitterness against your ex-bf or gf is very bad business for you that will fetch huge losses. #WhenSinglesGather
  • Bitterness is like trashing a £5m deal on the 10th floor & rushing to the ground floor to fight over a £10 fine. #WhenSinglesGather
  • When u refuse to forgive, u are allowing that ex-bf or gf to live rent-free in ur heart, wasting valuable space. #WhenSinglesGather
  • Mark 11:25a And when ye stand praying, forgive, if ye have ought against any: #WhenSinglesGather
  • Mark 11:25b that your Father also which is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses. #WhenSinglesGather
  • Mark 11: 26 But if ye do not forgive, neither will your Father which is in heaven forgive your trespasses. #WhenSinglesGather
  • If u don’t forgive that ex-lover, ex-wife or ex-hubby, u open yourself up to demonic activity. Read Matt 18:21-35 #WhenSinglesGather
  • For more details about forgiveness please read the following post to get more details on this. #WhenSinglesGather
  • Yes. It’s left you with losses that appear huge but God has a greater package for you than what you lost. #WhenSinglesGather
  • You don’t need to wait 5 years for a fairytale ‘Sorry’ before forgiving that ex. That ‘Sorry’ may never come. #WhenSinglesGather
  • That fairytale ‘Sorry’ you are waiting for is a mere psychological boost that cannot replace you forgiving that ex. #WhenSinglesGather
  • Joseph didn’t need a ‘Sorry’ before God promoted him so you don’t need one. Forgive and move on with God. #WhenSinglesGather
  • To help your sanity, please tell your friends to stop bringing you news about your ex while you work on forgiving. #WhenSinglesGather
  • When you refuse to forgive, you block God’s next agenda for your life and you also scare interested people away. #WhenSinglesGather
  • STEP 2: PRAYER AND THE WORD OF GOD #WhenSinglesGather
  • Ps 131:2 I have behaved & quieted myself,as a child that is weaned of his mother:my soul is even as a weaned child #WhenSinglesGather
  • Ps 23:3a He restoreth my soul…. #WhenSinglesGather
  • Ps 132:2 talks about us having our souls weaned just like a child gets weaned off breast milk #WhenSinglesGather
  • Weaning is not an enjoyable process for child and mother but it must be done. #WhenSinglesGather
  • You can’t be a strong and productive Christian if you don’t wean yourself of #SoulTies left behind by a break up. #WhenSinglesGather
  • This will require you to pray in tongues daily using these scriptures cos u need the Holy Spirit to help you here. #WhenSinglesGather
  • Declare over urself 10 times daily. “Jesus has restored my soul. My soul is is now whole in Jesus’ name.” #WhenSinglesGather
  • Words & prayers are d most important step to breaking free. Practise praying in tongues daily for @ least 15 mins. #WhenSinglesGather
  • After a few weeks of doing these, u will feel less hurt about your ex & less attraction or obsession about ur ex. #WhenSinglesGather
  • God always warned the Israelites to destroy and burn the idols of all their enemy nations. #WhenSinglesGather
  • Those gifts from your ex u hide behind your wardrobe and then bring out to cherish, are your gods & idols. #WhenSinglesGather
  • Idols are physical representation of false gods. In modern days, we also have idols. #WhenSinglesGather
  • Ex 34:13 But ye shall destroy their altars, break their images, and cut down their groves: #WhenSinglesGather
  • Ex 34:14 For thou shalt worship no other god:for the Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God: #WhenSinglesGather
  • Everything in your house that your ex gave u that reminds u of him must be sold or given away. #WhenSinglesGather
  • Some people turn relics from previous relationships into idols in their homes that can’t be touched. #WhenSinglesGather
  • Bro, watch out for ladies with relics from old relationships. It’s an indication of unfinished business. #WhenSinglesGather
  • You need to de-clutter your house and your life of relics left behind by old relationships. #WhenSinglesGather
  • Why is de-cluttering necessary? What you constantly observe will eventually affect you. #WhenSinglesGather
  • You constantly observe that teddy bear from Chike while you are marrying Tunde, something will go wrong. #WhenSinglesGather
  • Whatever idol you retain in your life for constant observation will eventually corrupt your life. #WhenSinglesGather
  • Please change all the passwords that bear the name of any ex to something sensible & meaningful. #WhenSinglesGather
  • Things u haven’t seen for the last 2 years have lesser influence on u than ones u kept seeing for d last 2 years. #WhenSinglesGather
  • You can find more details on this in this post. #WhenSinglesGather
  • Genesis 19:26 But his wife looked back from behind him, and she became a pillar of salt. #WhenSinglesGather
  • What God has for you in life is in front of you and not behind you. U stagnate when u keep looking back. #WhenSinglesGather
  • Lot’s wife. She looked back and she became a pillar of salt. Still happens today spiritually. #WhenSinglesGather
  • I was asked if after a breakup, social media contact should be indulged in. I said NO. It’s no rocket science. #WhenSinglesGather
  • Reasons abound that can fill a book. We will take just a few cos of our time. #WhenSinglesGather
  • Relationship experts estimate that 62% of ex’s who got in touch on FB also got in bed to fornicate. #WhenSinglesGather
  • It is deception to think that maintaining a tiny link with an old flame is harmless for you. U may end up in bed. #WhenSinglesGather
  • That boy u caught cheating, now saying, let’s keep in touch on FB is a son of Pharaoh negotiating your destiny. #WhenSinglesGather
  • Pharaoh negotiates to keep you bound in slavery and you deceive yourself like Eve to think that you are mature. #WhenSinglesGather
  • Every time you look back, you are like Lot’s wife & you stop yourself from getting to a the place God has for you. #WhenSinglesGather
  • Most male ex’s you shacked up with, loved the sex so they deceive u, trying to come back for retirement sex. #WhenSinglesGather
  • Bro, u are no more in relationship with her. You can’t remain her problem solver. Cut all ties and go your way. #WhenSinglesGather
  • Instead of worshipping Jesus first thing in the morning, you go check ur ex’s Twitter TL. #WhenSinglesGather
  • For u to be genuinely free after a breakup, phone, text, SM contact must cease. U’ll thank me later for this. #WhenSinglesGather
  • If you don’t unfollow & block all your ex’s it may come back to haunt you when u want to marry. #WhenSinglesGather
  • Your marriage can be attacked by an ex who got information from your TL when status changed. #WhenSinglesGather
  • If you have baggage from past break ups, unfollow & block all the affected people or just even leave social media. #WhenSinglesGather
  • If u are emotionally vulnerable, u MUST block them off completely. No negotiation allowed else they’ll trap you. #WhenSinglesGather
  • Wanting to just read or hear from or hear about an old flame means you are still soul-tied & bound. #WhenSinglesGather
  • You must have the backbone to say to your ex’s to stay away and then follow through by blocking them. #WhenSinglesGather
  • If you don’t block the ex’s & severe those #SoulTies, u will keep returning to your vomit like a dog. #WhenSinglesGather
  • U can’t connect properly with your husband if u still keep an eye on your ex-bf’s TL. Technically, u are cheating. #WhenSinglesGather
  • Bro, u r now married. What are u doing on ur ex’s TL every morning? U should be worshipping God at this time. #WhenSinglesGather
  • TL stalking is 4 idle people who have refused to move on with their lives. Get busy with something productive. #WhenSinglesGather
  • You need to wean yourself of his caring telephone voice. He’s now history so get over it. #WhenSinglesGather
  • Ur taste for that ex must die today in Jesus name. It’s history & don’t let ur history come to crash ur future. #WhenSinglesGather
  • With these 4 STEPS, u are on ur way to clearing off #SoulTies u have with ur ex and getting ready for a new life. #WhenSinglesGather
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