Soul Ties 9 – Why women cheat

19 Nov

In this episode, we are looking at why married women fall into the trap of cheating in marriage and how this can be averted by guarding our loins with the Word of God.

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Good evening y’all. #SoulTies 9 starts now. Hope you all had a great week so far.
1. I want to state that we are not here to condemn anyone or stigmatize anyone who has repeatedly fallen into sin due to #SoulTies

2. We are here to expose #SoulTies as the works of the enemy that the blood of Jesus has been shed to purge us from.

3. We are also not here to provide excuses and reasons for Christians to continue in sin due to a misunderstanding of grace. #SoulTies

4. The Bible states clearly in Romans 6:23 that the wages of sin is death #SoulTies is no excuse for us to continue in sin

5. We are here to work out our salvation (that Jesus already paid with His blood) from #SoulTies according to God?s word.

6. In a few weeks from now our focus will shift to how we can practically work out our already purchased salvation from #SoulTies

7. Tonight we are attempting to answer a question, in the context of #SoulTies, which is why do married women cheat.

8. The men also asked to know why women cheat in relationships.

9. Next week, we’ll b looking at how to overcome painful & nasty break ups.This is an area that saps a lot of energy from pple.#SoulTies

10. Just before we dive into business, I want to tell you about our #SoulTies blog.

11. will be single repository for all our #SoulTies resources. We have #SoulTies 1-8 tweet casts there for you.

12. Also, you can send me questions, testimonies & prayer points through the ?Contact Us? page #SoulTies

13. Please visit d blog, leave your comments, spread the news using the FB, Twitter share buttons. #SoulTies

14. Why do women cheat? Let’s ask this question too. Is it really a problem worth discussing? Do women cheat? #SoulTies

15. We’ll see a few interesting scenarios in the bible that will make us see if it’s a potential threat to relationships. #SoulTies

16. I have asserted b4 that most men in d flesh process love through their waist & women process love through their emotions. #SoulTies

17. We mentioned previously that the number 1 reason for infidelity in men is sex. It’s the strongest soul tie for men. #SoulTies

18. So by this rule, you reach a man in d flesh very quickly through sex or anything visual that suggests sex.Porn, nudes etc #SoulTies

19. D quickest way to reach a woman is through her feelings, thoughts & cravings cos women process love through their emotions. #SoulTies

20. Why is it worth discussing? a) Cos it’s a soul tie and it will abort the manifestation of God’s will in her life. #SoulTies

21. b) it will cause d woman to give up her body to a man in fornication or adultery if this soul tie happens outside marriage.#SoulTies

22. Most balanced women don’t have sex as their number 1 priority like men do. Men will kill & rape but women hardly ever do. #SoulTies

23. However, a study conducted on baby Mommas revealed 75% of them saying they only tolerated the sex to get a touch. #SoulTies

24. They said they wanted a touch but fleshly men hardly ever touch you emotionally without a hope 4 some sexual gratification. #SoulTies

25. This is the touch that Paul spoke of in 1 Cor 7:1. It’s not only physical but it’s also emotional. #SoulTies

26. 1st reason why a woman would cheat is when her emotional tank goes empty while still in a valid relationship or marriage. #SoulTies

27. In the garden of Eden, the serpent came along to hold a conversation with Eve. No record of Adam ever saying anything. #SoulTies

28. Some bible scholars believed that Adam had gone off into some other part of the garden and couldn’t listen in. #SoulTies

29. Some others believed that Adam was listening nearby but didn’t contribute and just came along to eat the fruit as well. #SoulTies

30. Whichever school of thought you belong to, Adam was either silent or absent, while satan messed with Eve’s soul. #SoulTies

31. I want to believe that if Adam and Eve spoke long enough, there’ll be hardly room enough for satan to operate. #SoulTies

32. I also believe that if Eve guarded d loins of her mind with God’s commandment, she wouldn’t have negotiated it with satan. #SoulTies

33. 2 things opened the door, lack of engagement with God’s Word and missing/absent/silent man. #SoulTies

34. This hasn’t changed over the centuries. Missing/silent fathers mostly produce emotionally vulnerable daughters. #SoulTies

35. Missing/silent/absent husbands render their wives emotionally vulnerable outside the house. #SoulTies

36. It’s even worse when these women are not serious Christians so their minds cannot be guarded by God’s Word. #SoulTies

37. The ultimate tool for guarding your mind, emotions and body from sin is God’s Word. Ps 119:9 & Ps 119:11 #SoulTies

38. I have seen a few real life cases and I found that their husbands were either absent or silent or missing. #SoulTies

39. It’s the major reason for flings and affairs in the workplace. An emotionally vulnerable woman is always there. #SoulTies

40. A husband can be physically present at home and emotionally missing from his wife’s heart. #SoulTies

41. It’s the reason why long distance relationships were not just for me when I was a lot younger. #SoulTies

42. I’m not knocking them but if you can handle them, thumbs up for you. #SoulTies

43. I know a man who went to US with a view of getting his wife & 2 kids to join when he settles down. #SoulTies

44. There were no emails then and letters took weeks to reach Nigeria from US. Also, he hardly wrote. #SoulTies

45. A few years later, he was back for them. He only just discovered that she had remarried and taken the kids along. #SoulTies

46. Hardworking men who work daily from dawn to dusk and are always missing from their wives run this risk. #SoulTies

47. Most men think that if the money area is sorted then their marriages are fully sorted. U are in for a shock! #SoulTies

48. Most cheating wives actually have wealthy husbands who are hardly ever present. #SoulTies

49. Read Prov 7:1-end for another scriptural proof of my assertion. #SoulTies

50. The strange woman there was not our much maligned single lady. She was a woman married to a rich businessman. #SoulTies

51. Technically, she was cheating from within a marriage. Two reasons for her silly behavior. #SoulTies

52. One: her husband was absent. Two: she was actually a demon worshipper who raised money for demons. #SoulTies

53. A lady once said all she wants is a husband who listens, so if you marry her & u don’t listen, ur marriage may suffer badly.#SoulTies

54. Married women also stylishly cheat using the popular vehicle of platonic relationships. #SoulTies

55. They say: A platonic relationship is pure affection, subsisting between persons of opposite sex, unmixed wit carnal desires.#SoulTies

56. I don’t dispute that definition. However, do platonic relationships always remain platonic? #SoulTies

57. Do they always remain platonic when the woman has been starved of emotional warmth in her marriage? #SoulTies

58. Do they always remain platonic when a serial male predator is the other participant? #SoulTies

59. You answer that for yourselves and let’s move on quickly. #SoulTies

60. Another reason why women cheat is financial consideration. #SoulTies

61. This comes at 2 levels. Level 1 is overt prostitution. #SoulTies

62. Married women have been known to sneak out of home to work in brothels. Why? Can only be for money. #SoulTies

63. The strange woman in Prov 7:1-end actually worked as a prostitute and she was married. #SoulTies

64. She set herself up on Allen Avenue at night as a prostitute. #SoulTies

65. Before we all judge people on level 1, let’s look at level 2 very quickly. #SoulTies

66. Level 2 is covert prostitution. This is done by a lot more women stylishly. #SoulTies

67. There are married women who exchange sexual favours and emotional liaisons with men for financial reasons. #SoulTies

68. Let’s look at the blackberry girls in Nigeria as a classic example. #SoulTies

69. They openly said on YouTube that they had boyfriends to finance their flashy lifestyles. #SoulTies

70. Fast-forward 5 years and God forbid that you married one of them and there is a brief dip in your finances. #SoulTies

71. She’ll go hunting for those guys again for a cash injection with strings attached to meet the shortfall. #SoulTies

72. I worked as a consultant for a bank in Lagos at a high-level so I had to sit with the branch manager all day. #SoulTies

73. He was single. There was a daily stream of ladies who besieged his office on cash-for-sex visits. #SoulTies

74. Sadly, a sizeable proportion of those women were married whose husbands were even known to him. #SoulTies

75. A Nigerian politician used to be well known, when I was a kid, for snatching other peoples wives. #SoulTies

76. He didn’t really look great to me i.e. 6-packs etc. The only reason those married women defected was his cash. #SoulTies

77. This money reason for female cheating is definitely a significant risk in Nigeria that eligible men need to be aware of. #SoulTies

78. There’s a third reason why women cheat. —> Sex. #SoulTies

79. People that marry spouses just for sexual reasons hardly realise that beauty and strength will both fade & wane over time. #SoulTies

80. The 29 year old man you married last week won’t be the same person when he turns 50. #SoulTies

81. I have seen an awful mix of over-60 women allegedly finding love with some mid-20 geezers.But why why? *in Ghanaian accent* #SoulTies

82. I have seen elderly European women marrying 25 year old Nigerians & I just wondered why until … #SoulTies

83. I leave you to figure the rest of that out. Y’all very sharp. Innit? #SoulTies

84. Lesson for men–>Never go missing or absent from your wife’s or daughter’s emotional lives.U leave them exposed to d enemy. #SoulTies

85. Lesson for women.When u feel yourself begin to drift, cry out to ur husband instead of going outside 4 emotional solace. #SoulTies

86. Lesson for us all. We need to guard the loins of our minds with God’s Word to live far from these #SoulTies. Ps. 119:9,11

87. There’s nothing to fear as Christians;so long we set our affection on heavenly things (God & His Word) instead of d mundane #SoulTies

88. and as long as we don’t also emotionally crave for worldly people who have their affections set on the mundane & d profane. #SoulTies

89. Just in case you didn’t figure the last one out. Reason why some women cheat is that they crave more viable sexual partners. #SoulTies

90. See you next Sunday at the same time. 5:00pm GMT / 6:00pm Nigerian time. #SoulTies

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Your servant in Christ
Olusola Adio

BB: 7C5BBD57


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3 responses to “Soul Ties 9 – Why women cheat

  1. omotola

    November 22, 2013 at 3:31 pm

    Men, Even as your wife needs financial support so also
    really needs emotional support, someone that’ll be there to listen
    ATTENTIVELY(not just hear) and comment. Fathers, Talk to your
    female child(ren) gist with her. no matter how silly encourage,
    tell her you love her, she’s pretty and all the good stuff so when
    she gets outside she won’t get messed up when guys tell her subtly
    ‘you’re the sugar in my tea’. Excellent Notes Mr Adio. Remain

  2. Nada

    January 21, 2014 at 1:56 am

    Just read this and while I see where you are coming from, I think you have been a quite random in your arguments and relied on general assumptions.

  3. iphiee

    August 16, 2014 at 11:14 am

    I strongl agree with these valid points that you have detailed in this article, though they may not be the ony reasons women cheat, I think to a reasonable extent this just about sums it up!
    I agree that women should open up to their husbands and express their needs to them.
    Husbands are not spirits ,though some men are really good at reading their wives vibes and this comes from already having a good communication line. In summary, husbands and wives ,keep your communication lines open at ALL times!
    Thank you Mr.Sola for this article, I hope alot of women out there find it useful.
    Hoping more on this and hopefully one on WHY MEN CHEAT! Lol
    God bless you always


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