#SoulTies Intro Course (Day 2 – Good and Bad #SoulTies)

02 Aug
#SoulTies Intro Course (Day 2 – Good and Bad #SoulTies)







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Welcome to Day 2. Good & Bad #SoulTies Please get everyone on your TL to follow me on @SoulTiesTweets
1. Tonight we want to fine tune our definition of #SoulTies make it more inclusive while highlighting the clearly dangerous ones
2. After God called His creation good; this included man and woman. They had spirits, souls and bodies. All were good. #SoulTies
3. This also meant that their souls were good before they sinned in the garden of Eden. Nothing wrong with their souls #SoulTies
4. Gen 2:24 Therefore shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall cleave unto His wife; & they shall become one flesh. #SoulTies
5. It was part of Godís original intention that their souls would be knit together in one purpose. Iíll explain #SoulTies
6. The soul comprises of the mind, the will and emotions. The mind comprises of the imagination, memory & intellect. #SoulTies
7. Minds of Adam & Eve cleaving together meant they had the same knowledge, memories and imaginations #SoulTies
8. Wills cleaving together meant they would decide to do the same things in the course of their lives. #SoulTies
9. Emotions cleaving together meant that they would both love the Lord and also love themselves without reservations. #SoulTies
10. Effectively, it was in Godís original design that Adam and Eve would have #SoulTies with each other on the earth. #SoulTies
11. Let us call this the first example of #SoulTies which really is a positive one. Good #SoulTies occur between a man and his wife.
12. After the fall, satan corrupted the whole of humanity; spirit, soul and body. So #SoulTies also became corrupted in their operation
13. Next, we look at the other types of positive #SoulTies that are not necessarily sin but satan can still manipulate to derail you
14. #Soulties with your children or adopted children are positive ones. Jacob had #Soulties with Joseph because of how He was born
15. This reflected in his decision to sew him a coat of many colors. However these #SoulTies exposed Josephís dream to jeopardy
16. The #SoulTies were not sexual or sinful, but they had the potential of aborting the manifestation of Josephís spiritual destiny
17. They were valid #SoulTies but they obscured sound spiritual judgment, God still made everything end well for Joseph though.
18. Thereís another kind of #SoulTies youíve with your parents. It explains the grief we feel when they are departed.
19. When children are under their parental covering, theyíre commanded by the Bible to honor and obey their parents. #SoulTies
20. However, ur future as a child is in Godís hands and ur parents donít have the knowledge of Godís exact will for ur life. #SoulTies
21. Also some parents may not be engaged in d worship of God while trying to command their children who have met with d Lord #SoulTies
22. These #SoulTies then create a conflict when itís time for the child to follow the mind of God for his/her life
23. Jesus had to cut #SoulTies He had with His mother when He declared his followers as his real brothers, sisters, mothers etc.
24. Read Mark 3:31-35. See d authoritative way his mum came to fetch Him from a crusade. He declined & sent people to her #SoulTies
25. If uíre excessively emotionally close to your parents, u run the risk of being influenced by them & missing Godís will. #SoulTies
26. #SoulTies with parents are neither sexual nor sinful, assuming a non dysfunctional family. But they can potentially block Godís will
27. Another set of #SoulTies youíve are the ones you have with your friends. Theyíre not sexual and are mostly the same sex.
28. An example is the #SoulTies between David and Jonathan. It wasnít sexual and it was an offshoot of a divine relationship between them
29. 1Sam 18:1: “that the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul.” Thatís #SoulTies
30. There are also examples of #SoulTies between animals and humans. In the West, a lot of human affection is poured out on animals
31. These #SoulTies are not harmful in themselves but can be potentially manipulated by satan to bring spiritual abortion of Godís plan.
32. Tonight, weíve seen positive #SoulTies that are open to manipulation by satan if you donít set your affection wholly on God
33. Letís look at a few more non-sinful #SoulTies tonight that can bring spiritual abortion if the Christian is not watchful
34. Some Christians have #SoulTies with sleep. If uíre given to excessive sleep, u expose yourself to two dangers. First one is poverty
35. Proverbs 6:10-11: “Yet a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of hands to sleep.í #SoulTies
36. “So shall thy poverty come as one that travelleth, and thy want as an armed man” #SoulTies
37. You expose yourself to poverty when youíre given to excessive sleep. The second danger is prayerlessness #SoulTies
38. If you love sleep, thereíll be no time for you to pursue a spiritual life because your days are consumed by worldly affairs #SoulTies
39. Next level of dangerous #SoulTies is with food and drink. If you love food and drink, you cannot fulfill your spiritual destiny
40. If you cannot fast and pray, your life will lack spiritual punch. Jesus denied himself for 40 days to enter His destiny #SoulTies
41. Forgot to mention that Jesus prayed all night before choosing his disciples and yet a devil still sneaked into the bunch #SoulTies
42. Christian women are busy measuring height and wallet with no prayer to choose their husbands. No wonder you picked a devil #SoulTies
43. Some sisters did slightly better by praying in tongues for 10mins while their #SoulTies were still active & then said God spoke
44. Sisters are expressing their lust for movie stars wishing their husbands would look like them. Result of prayerlessness! #SoulTies
45. Now to food, that man you want to marry and cannot fast till 12noon is your passport to spiritual abortion #SoulTies
46. Bro, that girl you want to marry that is too posh to fast with you till 3pm isn’t going to help your spiritual life. #SoulTies
47. Eve fell by food. Israelites fell in d wilderness by food, if ur appetite for food is not brought under, spiritual abortion #SoulTies
48. We are running out of time so letís pick one more dangerous set of #SoulTies; sex.
49. 3 major #SoulTies you must kill for Godís purpose not to be aborted in your life; sex, food and sex
50. Let me hit the Christian men small. You are only praying for guidance about sisters with exaggerated body parts. Thatís #SoulTies
51. An unbridled sexual appetite is one of the quickest ways for a believer to commit a spiritual abortion against his destiny. #SoulTies
52. A few examples of bad #SoulTies and then we close. Letís start with Gen 34:1-3. We see Dinah was raped here by Shechem
53. Next, we see that Shechem had #SoulTies with Dinah because he had sex with her, though it was illegal.
54. Sister, that hyper sexual guy that canít keep his hands off your chest while dating could be a big risk to you. #SoulTies
55. Shechem also shows us that most carnal men will only emotionally bond with ladies who offer sex. #SoulTies
56. Letís check the last example of sexual #SoulTies. Ammon had #SoulTies with his own sister and raped her just for sexual release
57. When Ammon was done, he just became bored with her. Why? Carnal men crave the sex and care little about your feelings, sister
58. Any brother that cant love you devoid of sex till your wedding day is not the man from God #SoulTies
59. Your sexual appetite must come under the cross before you venture into marriage. Marriage is not a cure for sexual #SoulTies
60. We come to the end of Day 2, Good & Bad #SoulTies. See you tomorrow evening.


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Your servant in Christ
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