#SoulTies Intro Course (Day 7 – Forgiveness & #SoulTies)

08 Aug
#SoulTies Intro Course (Day 7 – Forgiveness & #SoulTies)







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  1. Welcome to Day 7 of #SoulTies Intro Course. Today we look at forgiveness in detail. Pls follow @SoulTiesTweets
  2. Yesterday we looked into forgiveness as the very first step of recovery from a broken relationship. #SoulTies
  3. Jesus said in Mark 11:25 that when we stand praying, we should forgive. We also said that bitterness must b rooted out. #SoulTies
  4. Today, we want to examine deeper, the spirit of bitterness and see from scriptures why it must be rooted out ASAP. #SoulTies
  5. The things of God work differently from the things you learnt in university or in books or from men. #SoulTies
  6. The bible says in Rom 8:6 that For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. #SoulTies
  7. To be carnally minded means to be in the flesh moving with the mindset of one who has never met Christ. #SoulTies
  8. That kind of mindset produces death which expresses itself in everything that satan stands for. #SoulTies
  9. To be spiritually minded means to have your mindset regulated and controlled with the Words of God. #SoulTies
  10. To be spiritually minded produces a result of life & peace that cannot be explained or rationalised with a natural mind. #SoulTies
  11. What makes sense to God may not make sense to you because God reasons at a spiritual level and u need to step up. #SoulTies
  12. The base human reaction is you have a right to be bitter and to wish or implement that bitterness in d form of revenge. #SoulTies
  13. However, God’s opinion is different, better and more productive than ours. So we are here to find that out today. #SoulTies
  14. Retaining bitterness against your ex-bf or gf is very bad business for you that will fetch huge losses. #SoulTies
  15. It’s like trashing a £5m deal on the 10th floor & rushing to the ground floor to fight over a £10 fine. #SoulTies
  16. Abraham had reasons to be bitter against Lot but Lot went with the juiciest deal like a typical Nigerian. #SoulTies
  17. If Abraham had not forgiven Lot, he would never have thought of going over to rescue Lot from Sodom. #SoulTies
  18. Your forgiveness must get to the point of thoughts of goodwill towards those who have stolen from u. #SoulTies
  19. Joseph was sold by his own blood brothers into slavery. Won’t you be bitter if you were him. I would. #SoulTies
  20. To further complicate things, he got falsely accused of an attempted rape and slammed into life jail. #SoulTies
  21. Most of us haven’t even seen half of that tribulation and we think the whole world is against us. #SoulTies
  22. Before Joseph could be promoted to the palace, he had to forgive everyone who offended him. #SoulTies
  23. In the grand scheme of things, God always has a far better thing in mind for u than what got stolen. #SoulTies
  24. Your holding on to the thoughts of revenge against that boy who dumped you is very bad business. #SoulTies
  25. Have u ever wondered why Joseph never went to hunt Potiphar’s wife down after he became Egypt’s PM? #SoulTies
  26. Some people say success is the best form of revenge. I don’t totally agree and I have my reasons. #SoulTies
  27. If you don’t deal with bitterness and revenge in your heart, you will mishandle success when it comes. #SoulTies
  28. We want success and breakthrough after we have been betrayed but it doesn’t cure bitterness. #SoulTies
  29. A Nigerian lady once got dumped in UNI in a very brutal fashion. It was very traumatic for her then. #SoulTies
  30. Years later, she had recovered from the wicked actions of the man, gotten married to an army officer. #SoulTies
  31. Everything was all rosy for her, u’ll want to imagine that it was a good thing that the first guy left. #SoulTies
  32. In Nigeria, army officers wives r almost as powerful as their husbands. They travel around with armed escorts. #SoulTies
  33. One day she was in traffic and she spotted this guy who dumped her from a distance driving in his own car. #SoulTies
  34. She instantly barked orders to her armed escorts to go fetch the guy and give him a thorough beating. #SoulTies
  35. She made eye contact with him to let him know that she sent the soldiers to beat him up in public. #SoulTies
  36. She wanted to ensure the guy felt the same pain that she felt from the breakup several years back. #SoulTies.
  37. So I submit to you that success and progress are good after betrayal but they don’t cure bitterness. #SoulTies
  38. I also submit that success will be mishandled if bitterness has not been eliminated before it comes. #SoulTies
  39. God put the lives of those who betrayed Joseph under his care & he never killed them with his success. #SoulTies
  40. You are praying for a success that you will use in oppressing those that mocked u. Simply stated, u r vain. #SoulTies
  41. Joseph’s brothers were scared that he would take it out on them now that he became Egypt’s PM. #SoulTies
  42. But pay attention to his response in Gen 45:5 #SoulTies
  43. Genesis 45:5a Now therefore be not grieved, nor angry with yourselves, that ye sold me hither:..#SoulTies
  44. Genesis 45:5b……for God did send me before you to preserve life. #SoulTies
  45. He saw their betrayal as an act of God that propelled him into his divine destiny. #SoulTies
  46. Low thinking imagines betrayal and stuff are the end of the world so they start lashing out for revenge. #SoulTies
  47. Godly thinking imagines that betrayal is part of God’s agenda to launch him/her into divine destiny. #SoulTies
  48. When you have been betrayed and dumped by men, it’s time to look up to heaven for God’s agenda. #SoulTies
  49. Until Joseph forgave his brothers, his promotion didn’t come else he would have misunderstood it. #SoulTies
  50. This is the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ we are talking about here, not some motivational self-help stuff. #SoulTies
  51. Jesus said in Matthew 18:34-35 that you live under spiritual torment if you refuse to forgive. #SoulTies
  52. If u refuse to forgive, u potentially sacrifice a bigger thing that’s meant to come for a small thing u lost. #SoulTies
  53. When u refuse to forgive, u also open yourself up to demonic activity pushing you to silly acts of revenge. #SoulTies
  54. When u refuse to forgive that boy or girl who dumped you, u are holding on to the #SoulTies he/she left behind.
  55. When u refuse to forgive, u are allowing that ex-bf or gf to live rent-free in your heart wasting space. #SoulTies
  56. When ur ex lives rent-free in your heart, u haven’t recovered and u’ll keep talking about him/her. #SoulTies
  57. When u keep talking about the person that broke your heart,a good new person is prevented from coming. #SoulTies
  58. The problem most people have is with believing that there is a better future than the past that was lost. #SoulTies
  59. I have hundreds of tweets on recovering from nasty breakups and we barely scratched d surface. #SoulTies
  60. I have to stop here at tweet 60. We come to the end of Day 6 of the #SoulTies Intro course. Please join me for the final Day tomorrow.



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