#SoulTies 34 – #WelcomeTo2016 Episode 1 (Kingdom of God)

11 Jan
#SoulTies 34 –  #WelcomeTo2016 Episode 1 (Kingdom of God)


Welcome to #SoulTies 34, #WelcomeTo2016 Episode 1




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#WelcomeTo2016 Tweetcast.

  1. #WelcomeTo2016 As we enter 2016, I want to drop a few thoughts with my covenant brothers and sisters here on Twitter.
  2. #WelcomeTo2016 Matt 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.
  3. #WelcomeTo2016 Matt 6:34a Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself..
  4. #WelcomeTo2016 Matthew 6:34b …Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.
  5. #WelcomeTo2016 Christians have been caught up in same frenzy and rat race and schemings with the world by ignoring the Words of Jesus
  6. #WelcomeTo2016 Christians now worry on the same frequency with the world because they have ignored the words of Jesus in Matt 6:33-34
  7. #WelcomeTo2016 Christians now wonder if their future dreams & goals can be realised because they have taken their eyes off Matt 6:33-34
  8. #WelcomeTo2016 If we pay attention to the words of Christ in Matt 6:33-34, hear them and do them, we would build on solid ground.
  9. #WelcomeTo2016 Jesus said we should put the kingdom of God first before our desires. The world has it the other way round.
  10. #WelcomeTo2016 Jesus gave us a formula for success in Matt 6:33-34 and we’ll check this passage out in more detail.
  11. #WelcomeTo2016 We cannot possibly ignore the Words of Jesus, go with the world’s fashionable flow and expect God’s outcome.
  12. #WelcomeTo2016 Skeptics will try to discredit this spiritual foundation by saying I’m telling Christians not to work hard.
  13. #WelcomeTo2016 This tweetcast is being typed mid-air as I fly to my client in Sweden. I’m a hardworking Christian but kingdom first.
  14. #WelcomeTo2016 I’m not a dull or lazy boy. I wrote a 4.5/5.0 UK rated app in 2 weeks. VAT Toolbox
  15. #WelcomeTo2016 This does not negate other principles like diligence & so on but rather makes your labour more sensible & productive.
  16. #WelcomeTo2016 Matt 6:33a But seek ye FIRST the kingdom of God, and his righteousness;… Jesus said “Seek ye FIRST..”
  17. #WelcomeTo2016 “Seek ye FIRST” means let the kingdom of God become HIGHEST priority of your life not the things that the gentiles seek
  18. #WelcomeTo2016 The world can never understand “Seek ye FIRST the kingdom of God” because they hustle for their needs first.
  19. #WelcomeTo2016 It actually makes worldly sense to put your hustles first but God says we should put His kingdom first.
  20. #WelcomeTo2016 Is God therefore setting us up for failure by asking us to put His Kingdom first while others put their needs first?
  21. #WelcomeTo2016 Isn’t God putting us at a disadvantage by asking us to put His Kingdom first while others put their hustles first?
  22. #WelcomeTo2016 Doesn’t God understand that my neighbours would get a head-start by putting their hustles first while I don’t?
  23. #WelcomeTo2016 Let’s see Matthew 6:32a (For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:)
  24. #WelcomeTo2016 Matthew 6:32b … for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things.
  25. #WelcomeTo2016 Matthew 6:32 settles it that God knows that we need ALL of these things; husband, wife, kids, cash, houses, peace etc
  26. #WelcomeTo2016 God understands perfectly that we need ALL of these things. ALL even includes sexual preferences 😜😜
  27. #WelcomeTo2016 From Matthew 6:32, we see clearly that God has no problem with our desire for legitimate progress in our earthly lives
  28. #WelcomeTo2016 However, the way and manner God wants us to bring these to pass differs from that of the gentiles around us
  29. #WelcomeTo2016 God’s methodology for our earthly progress is that we should put His kingdom first place in our lives.
  30. #WelcomeTo2016 God’s methodology is that when we put His kingdom first place, He would surely add these earthly things to us.
  31. #WelcomeTo2016 one problem facing modern Christians is not understanding the integrity of God’s Word and His ways
  32. #WelcomeTo2016 If God says do something that your earthly friends mock and don’t understand, do you have the liver to do it?
  33. #WelcomeTo2016 one thing is clear. I am not postulating that Christians lack ambition and shelve their earthly dreams for the kingdom.
  34. #WelcomeTo2016 Matt 6:33 starts with a “But”. This indicates a different direction from that of Matt 6:32
  35. #WelcomeTo2016 The direction of Matt 6:32 is the worldly way of seeking needs first but Matt 6:33 is seeking God’s kingdom first.
  36. #WelcomeTo2016 We cannot secure the involvement of the Spirit of God if we despise the Words of Jesus Christ.
  37. #WelcomeTo2016 Jesus said the words that He speaks unto us, they are spirit and they are life.
  38. #WelcomeTo2016 God has called us believers into a manifestation of the spirit and not a manipulation of the flesh.
  39. #WelcomeTo2016 I hear some Christians say heaven helps those who help themselves when they resort to crooked & underhanded methods
  40. #WelcomeTo2016 First, there is no such scripture. U cannot dump the Words of Christ for a dodgy quote & expect heaven’s involvement.
  41. #WelcomeTo2016 Also, remember that satan quoted and twisted scripture while trying to con Jesus on the mount in Matt 4:4
  42. #WelcomeTo2016 So it’s possible for satan to use scripture to con you into using underhanded methods if you don’t have a backbone.
  43. #WelcomeTo2016 As a believer, ur priority isn’t getting a ‘positive’ result from underhanded methods but seeking God’s kingdom first
  44. #WelcomeTo2016 How then do we seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness and see progress added to us without stress?
  45. #WelcomeTo2016 Join me tomorrow same time on the next episode of #WelcomeTo2016

Your servant in Christ

Olusola Adio


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