#SoulTies 35 – #WelcomeTo2016 Episode 2 (Kingdom Seed Principle)

11 Jan
#SoulTies 35 –  #WelcomeTo2016 Episode 2 (Kingdom Seed Principle)


Welcome to #SoulTies 35, #WelcomeTo2016 Episode 2




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#WelcomeTo2016 Tweetcast.

  1. Welcome to #WelcomeTo2016 Episode 2
  2. #WelcomeTo2016 I’ll be sharing a few ways that God has taught me over the years that produced results for me.
  3. #WelcomeTo2016 The first way I’ll be sharing is sowing the seed of the Word of God.
  4. #WelcomeTo2016 Mark 4:26 And he said, So is the kingdom of God, as if a man should cast seed into the ground;
  5. #WelcomeTo2016 Mark 4:27 And should sleep, and rise night and day, and the seed should spring and grow up, he knoweth not how.
  6. #WelcomeTo2016 Jesus describes the kingdom of God as a system of farming where a man sows the Word of God
  7. #WelcomeTo2016 Jesus then went on to say that the man who sows the Word sleeps and rises daily while the Word produces a sure result
  8. #WelcomeTo2016 There’s so much revelation loaded in this passage Mark 4:26-27 so let’s dig in. Grab a fork.
  9. #WelcomeTo2016 the seed is God’s Word. How do I know? Check Mark 4:14. Sower soweth the Word not the thoughts of the world.
  10. #WelcomeTo2016 The ground where you sow that Word into is your heart. Check Mark 4:15 in next tweet.
  11. #WelcomeTo2016 Mark 4:15 … when they have heard, Satan cometh immediately, and taketh away the word that was sown in their hearts.
  12. #WelcomeTo2016 What does it mean to sleep and rise, night and day? I will explain this in the next couple of tweets.
  13. #WelcomeTo2016 Sleep and rise, night and day is what a farmer who believes in his process does.
  14. #WelcomeTo2016 The farmer goes to bed at night believing that his farming process will work without fail. He doesn’t doubt it.
  15. #WelcomeTo2016 The farmer rises in the morning not to uproot the seed looking for progress but to water the seed till a plant springs out.
  16. #WelcomeTo2016 Another interpretation is that the farmer goes about daily activities while the farming process is working.
  17. #WelcomeTo2016 It means that the believer is not idle. You go about daily activities while the seed of God’s Word works in your heart
  18. #WelcomeTo2016 Also, the germination and root development process isn’t visible to people. It’s under the surface.
  19. #WelcomeTo2016 your process of sowing God’s Word into your heart is not a public one but the results are very public.
  20. #WelcomeTo2016 Many Christians don’t have a personal relationship with the Word so they struggle from year to year
  21. #WelcomeTo2016 Many Christians only have a relationship with their churches and pastors but not with the Word of God.
  22. #WelcomeTo2016 you cannot replace a relationship with God and His Word using a relationship of activities with your church.
  23. #WelcomeTo2016 You cannot replace this kingdom of God (God’s Word sowing) process with your pastor’s annual prophetic utterances.
  24. #WelcomeTo2016 The ONLY authentic seed for REAL CHANGE is the Word of God sown in ur heart not annual church slogans or benedictions
  25. #WelcomeTo2016 Christians felt duped that a pastor’s prophetic utterance that they’ll marry in a certain year didn’t happen.
  26. #WelcomeTo2016 It’s not pastor’s fault. You have other things apart from God’s Word stagnating your progress. God’s Word was absent.
  27. #WelcomeTo2016 It’s time to cut down on sleep, gisting with scorners and sow God’s Word into your heart in prayer and worship.
  28. #WelcomeTo2016 When the doctors told us we couldn’t have a child, we didn’t run after church slogans. We sat down with God’s Word.
  29. #WelcomeTo2016 We invested several hours pumping God’s Word into our heart by studying, listening, meditating & declaring God’s Word
  30. #WelcomeTo2016 So when we turned up for services, our hearts were already filled with God’s Word from home.
  31. #WelcomeTo2016 U cannot produce a manifestation of the Spirit if u don’t have a private life of pumping God’s Word into your heart.
  32. #WelcomeTo2016 The Kingdom of God process starts with you pumping God’s Word into your heart not with manual church activities.
  33. #WelcomeTo2016 It is while pumping God’s Word into your heart in praise and worship that u develop full persuasion like Abraham did.
  34. #WelcomeTo2016 the last part of Mark 4:27 says “and the seed should spring and grow up, he knoweth not how.”
  35. #WelcomeTo2016 When the kingdom of God process is at work, great manifestations of the Spirit happens beyond your reach and efforts
  36. #WelcomeTo2016 When asked to explain ur breakthroughs, all u can say is you planted God’s Word, watered it & faced your daily duties
  37. #WelcomeTo2016 As the kingdom of God process works for you, you will have no need or desire to manipulate stuff to make progress
  38. #WelcomeTo2016 When you operate the kingdom of God process, people cannot copy your manifestations but they can also sow the Word
  39. #WelcomeTo2016 As a Christian, don’t copy other peoples manifestations. Sit down with the WORD and let it produce for you.
  40. #WelcomeTo2016 If ur neighbour gets a spouse via DM, rejoice with her. However, operate d Word instead of welcoming crap people in your DM
  41. #WelcomeTo2016 Mark 4:27 says “and the seed should spring and grow up, he knoweth not how.”
  42. #WelcomeTo2016 Can any Twitter geek explain how water turned to wine in a few secs at the feast? All we know is stewards obeyed Jesus
  43. #WelcomeTo2016 When u pump God’s Word into your heart and u obey Jesus, no one will be able to logically explain ur earthly progress
  44. #WelcomeTo2016 We’ll pick another aspect of seeking God’s kingdom on my next #WelcomeTo2016 broadcast.
  45. #WelcomeTo2016 Watch out for Episode 3 coming to you shortly.

Your servant in Christ

Olusola Adio


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